All my designs up to now

Please post pictures of your watch with my watch faces. I’d love to see it!


A fine design! I would try to get better graphics, as well as making the gears making sense in a watch. For example, you have a very large gear on the last one, I don’t really think that makes sense in a watch as it would have no purpose other than to look good. Also, the top watch has two gears moving the same direction, even though on should be moving the other way for the gear system to make sense. Work on that and it will only look better imo.


Any tips on making the grapics better? I made these all in photoshop and made them large to preserve sharpness. But i agree, i have seen crispier graphics.

How do i make the 2nd gear turn in opposite direction?
I now made it turn by connecting it to the “second hand movement” tag.

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I added my newest to the first post (on top). White Geared Classy…
I think i found a way to improve my images. would love to hear if you think so too.

So to turn something in the opposite direction, you would put a - in front of the expression. To make it go faster you would multiply ( *1.35 ) the expression. On making the graphics better, I don’t really have any recommendations. Remember, make sure the gears make sense, a balance wheel in a watch that is not moving does not. Your skills will greatly improve the more you make them, don’t give up. I was in your position.

Ok. So if i understand right:

(#DWS# * 3.6) makes it turn further every step
#DWS# * 3.6 increases the speed?

I updated the White Geared Classy face. It now has a moving balance wheel.

Cool! It looks better, now the last thing I would do is make the second hand move with #DWFSS# rather than the single ticking of a quartz watch, after all, a balance wheel indicates that it’s a mechanical watch.

@WilliamS I made those changes.

Here is my newest design. Let me know if you think i’m improving :wink:

I’d change the color of the hour/minute hands/needles (or at least have an option to); not only I didn’t see them at first glance, I just assumed there weren’t any lol, saw them after testing the fast-forward thing.

Yeah, they’re not really clear, but i couldn’t think of any other color to fit with this face. Any suggestions?
Am i able to give the option to change colors of objects? ( these are images made by me though), but the default (build-in) hands?

I gave the hour and minute hands a white border. This makes them a little bit easier to see

Sure, the graphics are pretty improved. I don’t really think that the red second hand fits in (but you can keep it, its very minor). I don’t know about the minute and hour hands though. I would experiment to see what looks the best. Best of luck!

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Well i tried a lot, but nothing seems to fit like the black ones. Though, i made a copy of the face with blue minute and hour hands, and a gold coloured second hand. I hope this will suit you better.

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Added a new watch face to the list. “The Red, White and Blue”
The colours of many countries like the United States, The Netherlands, France, Luxembourg etc.

And here my latest: “One ring, to rule them all”
Navy blue and shiny gold rings and hands.

And a second one with different gear setup and a shiny bracket in stead of the matte one:

And especially for the Dutch soccer fans (and because they won’t be able to play any games because of the Corona virus):


My latest design, for him, and her!

I really like this one, particularly the black. Not crazy about that pink! But it’s a nice understated open works layout. Nice work! I’d suggest you create a new topic for your next one though (and each new design). Way too many previews here for one page, it is pretty slow to load

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Ah ok. i will do that. I just didn’t want to take up too much space, but if you think it’s no problem to use a new topic for every new design, i will do that.
Glad you like my design!