Animated gifs for weather

Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to have weather animated gifs appear for each weather condition? I have a gif for each weather condition and I would like to have them be functional for each condition. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.-Thanks

Have you tried the “Add Element”>“Sequence” function? That should work. Just import the animated gif into the sequence directly. You will not be able to set opacity, but you should be able to do a coordinate substitution. Say in the X coordinate field, set X to the value you want if the weather condition is active, otherwise set the X coordinate to say 2000.

I did a tutorial on something similar with animated time elements here under the sequential frame substitution method.

Be warned, you may end up with quite a few sequences, and the Creator will bog down. Preview may not work well. But all should be fine on the watch.

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I did add element and sequence but I need to try the X coordinate substitution like you mention. I will let you know how it worked out for me. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help!!

@lramos333 How did this work out for you, was it a success?