Apple Complications not loading?

If you are having trouble with custom Facer complications not loading correctly or not showing the correct data on your Apple watch, Facer has a FAQ section with some good tips:

And here are a few things to check/try:

  • Are you trying to install a free or Premium face?

    • All free Facer faces should install ok
    • Premium ( ie. paid ) Facer Apple faces require that you have an active Facer Premium subscription and the complications will not load without it ( note that Facer Premium is not the same as Facer Pro or Facer Plus )
  • Is your watch/phone compatible with the latest complications/Apple Watch templates?

    • Some of the latest complications / Apple Watch templates require Watch OS9.x and Phone IOS16.x running on an Apple Watch Series 4 or later and an iPhone 8 or later or iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later.
  • Do you have the latest OS updates installed

    • Make sure that you have the latest updates of IOS on your Phone and WatchOS on your watch ( don’'t just rely on auto update - best to manually check if there are updates available )
  • Check that you have the latest update to Facer installed ( go to the App store and check if an update is available ).

  • Check that you have enabled all permissions for Facer, including:

    • settings/Privacy & Security/ Location Services - On and enabled for Facer and OpenWeather ( see below )
    • settings/Privacy & Security / health / Facer - all on
    • settings/Heath/Data Access & Devices/Facer - all on
    • settings/Facer/Location - on
    • settings/Facer/Notifications - not sure about this one - I have them all on
    • settings/Facer/Background App Refresh - not sure about this one - I have it on
    • WatchApp/Settings/Privacy - at least, HeartRate & Fitness tracking on - I have them all on
  • Try the following process:

    • if you have been having issues with weather complications, find the free OpenWeather App in the Apple Store and install it.
    • check that your watch battery is charged ( Apple slows down ( stops ? ) App updates if the watch battery is low )
    • turn off your watch
    • restart your phone - wait for it to fully start with good internet connection and bluetooth on
    • if you have it, open the OpenWeather App and make sure that the location is correctly set
    • open the Watch App
    • open the Facer App and make sure that you are logged in to Facer ( for Premium Facer faces you will need to make sure that you are logged into the account that you used when subscribing to Premium )
    • turn on your watch - wait for it to fully start
    • go to the Watch App on your phone make sure that it is connected to your watch
    • go to Facer App and make sure that it is connected to your watch
    • find the face you want in the Facer App and press the blue sync button
    • the “Add … Watch Face” window should appear, tap on “add to my faces”
    • the face should be sent fairly quickly to your watch - if not, tap on the watch face in the WatchApp, scroll down to the bottom and tap “set as current watch face”
    • now wait for the complications to load - it can take a while ( Apple only allows complications to be updated every 15 minutes or so and even less frequently if the watch battery is low )
    • if after waiting a fair while the complications are still not loading then restart your watch and phone and wait again

Ok, so you tried all that and the complications are still not loading.

  • if the complications are premium ones then they have gone through a quality control process and have been tested on different watch and phone models - they should work.

  • if you are seeing what looks like a lock symbol where the complication should be then the complications is premium only and requires the Facer Premium subscription - make sure you have that ( it is not the same as Facer Pro ) and double check that you are logged in to Facer on your phone with the account you used to subscribe

If you have tried all of the above and the complications are still not loading raise a support request with the Facer team.


or raise a support ticket at: Submit a request – Facer Creator

If anyone has anything that I missed that might help someone having issues, please add it below.


I have tried all the above, including installing OPENWEATHER to a applewatch 8 (IOS 10) with iPhone (IOS 17). When I press the weather complication it says that it is ‘refreshing Facer complications’ but it has never changed from 78 and it says below it “broken.” I have done/checked all the preceding and this is a premium purchased face. Can you check with the developer perhaps? (Michael O’Day and the face is Mod-1947 traditional)

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Sorry you are having issues - I’ll double check the face and get back to you …

The weather complication on MOD-1947 is working ok on our test watches ( series 8 and Ultra ).

You mention IOS/WatchOS versions, do you have the latest Facer version?

When you say that it says it is broken, could you explain a little more please? Is that on the watch or in the Watch App on the phone? Are you able to share a screenshot?

Sorry for the delay in responding. Facer technical reps reached out to me and after a few days of back and forth, they managed to do something on their end that has it working now. So, all is well that ends well, even though they never told me exactly what the problem was. But, thanks!

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Hi Thank you and I have tried everything I gave paid my subscription and I do have an account
The faces don’t even load in my watch app
It’s so frustrating

Sorry, I am not sure what else to suggest. If you have tried all of the above and paid for Facer Premium ( not Facer Pro ) then I don’t know what could be going wrong. The best thing to do now is to raise a support request with the Facer team:

I have and surprisingly I have heard nothing from them I know I definitely won’t be renewing

All it takes is a little patience when waiting for support. They are nice people, but many are waiting for their help. It is worth the wait. Thank you for your feedback.

How long have you been waiting for support? Did they send you a ticket number? I presume all your software has been updated so it is just a matter of a configuration someplace on watch or phone.

I sent them an email a week ago and heard nothing
So I sent them another email yesterday

mikeoday posted a form for you to use. Please use that form. Unfortunately your request will be in queue dated when they receive it on the form, so the wait will be longer than if you had sent it on the form to begin with. You will receive an email with a ticket number.