B# - Save the Date 🆓

Here is a freebie edition of Save the Date. It’s a triple calendar plus moon phase design. If you like it, look for the premium edition too which has 4 color themes and Hybrid Mode for smart watch info.

Enjoy! And be sure to follow B Sharp to never miss a new release! And on Instagram: Login • Instagram

Smart watch faces for watch lovers!


That looks great, thanks for the freebie kvansant, it’s very stylish and impressive :trophy:


Beautiful! I like the new power meter too. :+1::+1:


Hey @kvansant, I’m wondering if you could please share how you did the glowing blue in the AOD mode hands? It’s really cool. I’ve tried it before but yours is clearly very very good!


What graphics program do you use?

Paint.net mostly. I’ve dabbled with Gimp.

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I don’t know paint.net at all… does it have layers and filters along the lines of gimp?

In photoshop I do almost all my lighting details through the layer effect tools. But my basic idea is to recreate a certain kind of glow I’ve seen in a bunch of photos. The effect is a sharp edged lume layer on top of the hand and a glowing layer underneath. I start by duplicating the hand layer group, apply black at 50% oppacity, then copy the lume fill layer and apply my coloring but no glow. That layer goes on top of the darkened hand, then copy that lume layer, place it under the darkened hand, and either use gaussian blur or outer glow too (if you have it) to get the glow you desire.


Thank you for the explanation. Yeah, I think I can work with that explanation through similar effect pluggins in paint.net, probably the drop shaddow effect. :+1::+1::+1:


nice work