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Basic Orbiting Test

I have made a start on a Basic Orbiting Test . As promised to a Maker .


Works well mate

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Thank you My Friend. I will add to it if any one is Interested .


I like this kind of stuff - looks great so far. Yes, finish it off! :+1:


Dude… you crafty coders are so on top of it! My brain just doesn’t work that way and I still don’t fully understand the things I copy/paste into my faces’ layer attributes but this is awesome!
The last time I worked with code for real was in my computer programming class in grade 11 and 12 of high school and we made a really crude car racing game in VB :joy:
I all but failed that class.

Edit: I, like bradtc, also would love to see you finish and publish this one!


Ah good old VB. I copy and paste stuff and get stuck if my modifications dont work. Give it a ho or ask here. Ther are many that are delighted to help. At the end of yhe day it is about your Graphics. ENJOY.


looks good, but watch out , you may offend some people with your theory that the world is round not flat, and they might flag you for being inappropriate