Binary Tappable State

I need some assistance in working out a method for creating a binary tappable state. The idea is that when the watch wakes it will show a default image but when tapped while display another image. Normally I would simply use the following expression:


By making the Min and Max 0 and 1, you can create a binary expression. The issue is that there is always a 50/50 chance that the same number may come up. In some cases, tapping multiple times will result in the same random number (like flipping a coin and always getting heads). Is there some other way to ensure that each click cycles between 0 and 1 without repeating?

Use Case:
I want the display to be an icon for a runner. When I click, I want to hide the runner and display the Step Count. When clicked again it will go back to default. On/Off.

Here is my test sample:

@Mellin @jmorga106 Any thoughts?

Well, this is the core feature that Facer is missing.
Actually useable and controllable click functions.
I have nothing.
If Facer at least had a variable that could be controlled it would be doable (loading onto that variable the value of stRand(0,1) and then the next time to check if they match or not), but that is another core feature that Facer lacks…

I believe @CnP_Times suggested this kind of function: (this) function/expression: value of a field before update

Also (for those that still have not reached limit on voting) here is a request on tappable actions: Any plans to feature tap actions?

If at a minimum a simple on/off switch was available that would introduce a few more design ideas. I don’t need the tap to actually do anything or launch anything.

A Sequential tap tag may be the ticket. Something like stSequ(min,max). Upon wake it starts on min, then with each successive tap it move up in space. After max it resets to the min.

I’ve seen some indications that Facer will get stopwatch functions in the near future, so they might be operated by tapping.
This might open some doors for us.