Calendar, start at Sunday

Hi !
I release a Calendar, to up my skills.
But I have a bug, and I don’t understand, how I can resolve alone.
So I’m here ! :slight_smile:

Problem :

  • If the current day is a other month and if #Dd#<5

If the current day is like the picture, it is bugged


I use ((#Dd#+1)-(#DOWB#)) to Calculate the Sunday.

I don’t know if I doing wrong.

You can inspect to understand my problem.

Thank’s a lot for your time.

I would try to help, but somehow I am not sure what should the number read.


It would be 26 like the picture. I wanted start all week with the sunday.
Tank’s a lot !

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What I can think of, needs too many conditions to get that number right for each month.
But check this face, @akar.zaephyr has done something similar (just omited that part :slight_smile:).


Yeah ! I think too for too many conditions but I will try ! :slight_smile:

He have the same problem :

But thank you for this exemple !

I’ve tried tackling this problem but gave up.
There is no tag returning maximum number of days in previous month so there is nothing to base the calculations on.
I’ve simply created a series of squares obscuring the value when it’s below or equal to zero, like below:

I know of no tags that could help accurately display previous month’s days like you want (and I wanted as well :slight_smile: ).