Can't sync faces on Ticwatch E and iOS

Hello everyone. I used to use Facer perfectly with the same phone (iPhone XR) and same watch (Ticwatch E) some months ago, then I stopped using the watch for some time and now that I’ve returned to using it, Facer won’t work at all. I can use the default faces without problems but I can’t sync any new faces, including the one I’ve created.
I’ve tried to resync Facer with the QR code multiple times, disabling the Bluetooth on both devices, and tried to sync them by Wi-Fi. I’ve also tried deleting and redownloading both the watch and the phone app. Whenever I try to send a face to the watch I get the ‘sent’ message but anything happens.

You need to go see this thread about iPhone and WearOS [FIXED ISSUE] WearOS / iPhone syncing issues and/or QR code shows SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Google did an update that broke everything and then updated it and supposedly fixed it, but it’s still happening. You might want to give a read to that and do everything @Facer_Official suggested. If it still doesn’t work I would add your issue to the bottom and make sure you tag @Facer_Official so they will see it.

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Thank you, it worked!