Change centre point of minute hand


I created a arm for my minute hand, but it doesnt rotate at the centre point of the gray circle, instead more to the right of it:

Does anyone know how to change it?


hey Whats up XY. So there’s two ways to do that.
A - In your graphics editor (I use PhotoShop) alter your arm image to assure that the centerpoint you want is dead-center both horizontally and vertically. OR…

B - In the creator, just adjust the X and Y position until you get the finger pointing with equal spacing at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 ticks. there is no real “ruler” in Creator. You’ll have to eyeball it to see that the finger spacing is equal.

Just adjust the X and Y off the 160 center until the finger is rotating with equal spacing. This is the faster method. The BAD part is that you will see the SHOULDER rotating off-center as well. If the shoulder rotation is barely noticeable then who cares - remember you’re working on a tiny 1-1/4 inch watch face. These tiny discrepancies are not worth wasting time on. However, if the off-center shoulder rotation is really noticable (and it’s keeping you up at night :unamused:) then option 1 is really more correct.

Since you are working with a PNG file already, just add more transparent dead space to the left to draw the shoulder back to the centerline:


Hi John!

Thank you for explaining, right before you commented i found out how it works :sweat:, sorry for all the text you’ve laid on me, but still thanks! :smiley:

But i’ve got a second problem, and that is somehting you’ve said in your text:

I want the centre of the arm to be a bit to the left of the image, but if it’s half past or quarter to, the finger top doesnt match the time. This is probably impossible to do ar advanced, but i hope you get the idea, or i explain it in a picture if you don’t understand.


yeah so there’s two ways to do that.
A - with your arm image pointing straight up (12 o’clock) rotate the entire image until the center of the shoulder and the center of the tip of the finger are both on the vertical centerline.

B - you can also cut the arm up into segments, then rotate each piece and re-align the pieces on the centerline straight-up to 12:00. The point should be correct then.


Yeah, I dont mean It like that.

I want the arm to be on his shoulder, that’s Why the arm is a bit curvy, so that when it’s 12 o clock, it is directly pointing at the top.

But when its half past or a quarter to it’s not alligned with the hour mark.

I hope you understand, like i said, i might add some pictures so you can understand clearly

Yeah I think some pics would help

I want his arm to be on his shoulder (that’s why his arm is slightly bend):

But when it’s half past, or a quarter to, the arm doesnt match the hour marks anymore:

So i want the arm to be a bit to the left, so on his shoulder, but when its a diffrent time, it doesnt match anymore. The reason i want this is because i want the picture in the middle, but then the arm blocks the whole body.

So i though that the arm could be replaced when the time is there with a diffrent arm thats straight?.. I dont really have the knowledge enough for that, and i don’t even know if you can.

I hope this clears things up.

If you tell us when you want that switch (from bend hand into straight one) to assure we will help you.
Also from straight into a bend too.

Also also if you could share an inspector mode link it would help some of us help you.

No, I have a straight hand already, but I use this hand because I want the centre of the hand the be here:
,because I dont want the arm in the middle because then it blocks the body of the picture, and it want the image to be in the middle. But when it rotates the different time marks dont match up anymore. So my question is can you do some advanced stuff so you can swap the arm when its a quarter past and forward till o’ clock? (I hope that made sense)

Inspector Mode:
This one is with the bend arm: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more
This one is with the straight arm: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

Yes, we can and thanks for that quarter past and forward till o’ clock, that’s what I asked about.

If you have 2 images of hands, one you want to be visible from 15 minutes of each hour untile 60 / 0 minutes of each hour, then codes for their visibility will look like this:

I’m sorry, where do i need to add these codes? I know its in advanced settings but which code do i need to place where :{

The “Transparency” field.

Thank you!!! It’s going to work now! Ty!

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If you have problem of making your own hand to rotate from the center, it is because the center point of your hand is not at the center of png file. Try this, and you will understand how to put the center point back to the right place.
First download sample here

Thanks to jimmycheungPremium Designer

how do I leave the pointer like that?

The simplest solution to this problem would be to move your background image slightly to the right, thus placing the center rotational point of the arms correctly in the center, where you can move your background image so the shoulder is then in the correct place :grinning: