Changing Background Colours


Does anyone know if I can add multiple coloured backgrounds to a watchface so I can change the colour from the watch, or is the only way to duplicate the watch face for every colour I want?
Gear S3


Unfortunately “Themeable” watches are still a premium designer only option. As an alternative, you could either do different designs or use one of the random functions to have it change on each wake (or tap).

That’s a shame but thanks for the update :slight_smile: how would I do a random function to have the background colour change on wake or tap?

Take a look at the Facer Official design for Dynamic NASA. You can inspect the elements to see how to use the transparency and wakeRand function to cycle through 20 or so pics. You could do a similar thing with simple colors as a background.

Each time it wakes, it generates a random number corresponding to a particular image.