Creator pro issue

I signed up for creator pro but I am only seeing basic elements for image, text, shape & stickers.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hey I’m also new, was actually wondering… what ARE the features of the pro, when boiled down to what matters? except for making money off your creations

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Being able to actually create a watch face using the creator. I’m not able to anything but the basics.

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Welcome to the group !!! @rhumline and @yonasean

This is a group where you can meet designers, programmers, and many good people

For now with your question …

The difference, which is “Facer PRO” (that there will be more varieties, to be able to program …
These are the varieties that are added when you have Facer “PRO”
Look at it, it’s very interesting!

Facer Creator PRO :point_left:

And also With Facer PRO, you can have and save your saved history of your designs

Also here I show you other interesting information where you can see what types of commands that has, to program …
These commands can be used … having, or not having Facer PRO
Tags :point_left:

Expressions :point_left:

Conditionals :point_left:

Boolean logic :point_left:

Weather condition icon codes :point_left:

With these pages that has, it will be very helpful!

enjoy the group :slightly_smiling_face:

Cordially JDCardozo

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I don’t have Pro, but I may have an idea that “might” work. Try logging out of Facer then close your web browser. Once you have restarted the web browser log back in and see if it magically starts working. If not you will probably have to contact @Facer_Official by contacting them at: or email them at:


What should my screen look like using the creator pro version?

The sample you posted looks like an Apple template. Pro Tools that allow you to add advanced complications are currently for Wear OS and Samsung watch faces. Creator’s Apple tools at this point are limited and are still being developed by Facer.


Since I don’t have it, I can’t say for sure, but you should be able to click the paintbrush on the side panel and see something other than the blank area that I see with a link to the Pro upgrade.

Tried that but it didn’t work. :confused:

There are no differences between creator pro and free with respect to the view of the pregram

Creator PRO Only some programming commands are activated … with which you have more possibilities to design with more variants

I noticed the paintbrush wasn’t there and seems to me that that could be part of the issue.

Yes, I have an apple watch… That would explain why I have just basic tools.

On the left side … With Creator PRO, all these commands are activated, which I am showing you …
In my case, I use Creator PRO


Thanks Cardozo, that’s what I was expecting to see when I upgraded to Pro. Is that just for android based phones? I have an Apple 6 phone.

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Any watch that will connect to the iPhone you can make custom faces with Pro features, except Apple Watch. They just have to be WearOS or Tizen powered. I understand that the new WearOS Galaxy 4 watch Is Not compatible with the iPhone.

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It’s like @Linlay says
For now, make designs for apple, there are no ways …
Only by emailing an image or photo with your design and in this way, looks at your request and then it will answer you if the design is accepted or not …
Here I show you the images where you have to try …

Thanks… I will look into that option

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You’re welcome, @rhumline

welcome to the Community.facer


I upgraded to Pro, but my pages all say “Upgrade” on them, even though they show me with Beta. And, I don’t have/see the page you have for creating. What am I doing wrong?

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Excuse me, but I don’t know what to answer your question …
I comment, I also have Creator PRO, and the program works well for me (but sometimes I get the “update” message too …), I don’t know what the problem would be …
(In my case, I click on update, and I keep working … all good)

It may be that someone in the group has also had these kinds of situations … and helps you with your question, with a more specific answer …

Or also

In this case I think you have to ask,
To get help from @Facer_Official in that case, you can contact them at: Submit a request - How can we help? or email us at:

Cordialmente JDCardozo

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