Curious "font" question

Question peeps.
You know how when your on the creator page and you can supposedly add your own custom font?
How exactly does that work?
If you want a certain font do you have to add the entire alphabet and all numbers and everything 1 by 1?
Or do you just put in a sample of something using that font and the site will just know what to do?
I tried looking for some kind of how to on it but couldn’t seem to find anything.


There are sites that offer free fonts.
You find some links in this thread.

Facer only supports TTF type fonts.

Just change the font of your text:


Hi Tom,
there are threes way to include your own font.

Download a font from the WWW and insert it in facer.
As you mentioned, there is the graphical way, where you have to design every character as an image witch you include in facer.
Or you start to design your own font. Therefore you need special software, witch is not included in facer. Google will provide you the program and the tutorials…

In my opinion is the first way is the easiest one-


Hi, you need to put your custom font into the Facer font folder then they are available. This I do by downloading and installing a font from one of the very many websides. I’m a Windows man so I copy the new font from the Windows Fonts folder into the Facer font folder. Sometimes, for apparently no reason, Windows doesn’t give access to its font folder - but it offers to open it in a new page and there you have it!. There are many websites that offer free fonts just remember to use the fonts that are free or free for commercial use. (or buy them) In either case check the small print. This is important if you sell your watchfaces.

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I have used some MS Fonts . But I can not select them from the Windows Font Folder on my Laptop . So I have copied some to my own Folder which is in another with all my Bits and Pieces of Hands and Numerals Etc . As long as you are not Selling Faces Most Fonts on the Net are Free to use . You will notice that not all ttf. Fonts work with Facer . Just dump them , there will be something similar somewhere .
If in Doubt make your own as png. images and just build it up in layers . I think this one is about 170 right now , not published yet .


Thanks gang :+1:

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