Curved walked distance (converted steps to km/miles)

Hi everyone. I’m a newbie, and I’m wondering if there is a possibility to show the walked distance as a curved ‘text’ on a watchface.
At the moment I doesn’t have any experience concerning formules/codes, but I try to learn and understand excisting formules by trial and error, but I’m not able to do something like @Vintage Recreations did with this watch: Vintage Recreations - VR208 Waves - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
Thanks in advance for any help.


Sorry charlie, but facer is not supporting curved text.
That what you see are the different block HH, MM, SS with a different orientation


To make it a bit more extreme, you can draw a template in a graphics program, and then make each number a single element and rotate it according to the template.

Getting each digit from steps, time, or what ever tag, you can use these formulas. Say ZSC = 12345, just to illustrate, then

1 use (floor(12345/10000))
2 use ((floor(2345/1000))%10)
3 use ((floor(12345/100))%10)
4 use ((floor(12345/10))%10)
5 use (12345%10)

Example for the digital time, 88:88:88 format,


  • last digit: (#Ds#%10)
  • 1st digit: (floor((#Ds#/10)))


  • last digit: (#Dm#%10)
  • 1st digit: (floor((#Dm#/10)))


  • last digit: (#Db#%10)
  • 1st digit: (floor((#Db#/10)))

Now #Db# is user setting without leading “0”, so I put in the following formula for opacity:

Sample Template:


I understand. I was wondering if it is possible to manage something simular with the conversion of the steps to an actual distance, by use of formules.
So that I can use multiple text modules, with a slight different formule, so that eich module contains a part of the actual distance.
For example, 4400 steps is about 3.35km, or 3350 meters. Perhaps there is a way to ‘show’ the first digit in a text module, by use of a formule, and then the second digit in another text module, by using a slightly different formule. And so on…

Not sure if I explain it clearly…

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Thank you, Tom, for this sample. I’ll try this tommorow, but don’t think this will work, as I am allready using a formule for the conversion of steps to actual distance in meters. But i will give it a shot :slight_smile:


For conversion of steps to km or miles, you would have to consider both, because it depends on user watch setting.

It has been discussed before. See this thread and also here.


Hi, I played some with the formulas provided by @tom.vannes.
This is what I use:
formula to convert steps into meters

$#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?((round((#ZSC#*2.65)/52.8))/100) mi:((round((#ZSC#/200)*152)))$

As far as I can test, is this one working. It shows me 760 meters.
I’m able to display the last two digits in seperated text fields. I do this with this formulas.

show last digit of walked distance converted from steps into meters (in this case ‘0’)
$floor#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?((round((#ZSC#*2.65)/52.8))/100) mi:((round((#ZSC#/200)*152)))%10$

show second last digit of walked distance converted from steps into meters (in this case ‘6’)
$floor#UNITSYS#=IMPERIAL?((round((#ZSC#*2.65)/52.8))/100) mi:((round((#ZSC#/200)*152))/10)%10$

But I have troubles to do this with the third digit, ‘7’ in this case. And I’m playing with the ( and the ), but can’t find why it’s not working.

Is there someone out there with suggestions? I try to create this for 5 digits, so for a maximum walked distance of 99999 meters (about 131578 steps).

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Ok, I think I have found something with your formulas. I’m testing now.

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