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They sometimes take time, just send a reminder. That helped with me any way…

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I had one taken down for a word in the description and I appealed that decision. I’ve been waiting 3 years and have not heard anything about it. So don’t hold your breath. Like @russellcresser says, “duplicate your creations before publishing”, that way you have a copy to use as the published face if it happens.


@mrantisocialguy if you have been waiting for 3 years perhaps your message fell through the cracks when devs were switching from email support to using the form that they use now. Try again. It appears that the system now sends requests to specific teams rather than to a general mailbox.

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I recreated that watchface a day or so after it was pulled. It was because of my description because I had used a forbidden word. After that I didn’t worry if it was restored or not. “Life goes on.”


Oh, ok. Good move.
For others reading this, it depends on why a post was removed. If it’s just a word, as in mrantisocialguy’s case, the automated system usually handles those and sometimes needs to be checked by human eyes. On the other hand if a claimant with supporting documentation files a DMCA because of a design copyright violation, that’s a whole other issue.

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Still waiting for any response from my appeal for taking down my watch face for using the word “Zenith” from about 15 months ago…I am sure it will happen soon - lol

(actually, I am not waiting)


I had a Zenith taken down . Top of the list I think .

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They probably figure that if you know what the offending word was you’ll go ahead and publish a revised version, so there is no reason for them to tell you that.

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No reason? I thought it was important at the time due to needing a spotless record as one of the criteria to make partner so I wanted some clarification. Now I know it doesn’t matter anyway.

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That’s not exactly what I meant. If the title was the same they would see the duplicate sans the offending word so it would show that you fixed it.

No actually the word was in the description and it didn’t get through the bot and I had to figure out why myself as I never received any notification or reason for it not passing. I just tried to upload the same face about 3 times and it kept getting kicked so I figured that I would through deduction/debugging to not include a description and low and behold it passed. I only found out later that the word Zenith was a banned word through the community which provides important info on things such as banned words - not Facer though? If Facer is going to ban words, maybe they might want to provide an “official” banned word list to avoid this. Seems obvious to me. But as I said, at the time I was only concerned about my standing in terms of ever becoming a Creator Partner.

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Yes, it would be polite, courteous, and proper for someone to respond. Facer really needs a moderator/responder on our forum privey to answers, to respond to all of us regarding issues/concerns such as yours. I’ve suggested this many times now.
They could pay the person a very small amount.


In most communities that are provided by businesses customers often feel the need for transparency that the businesses do not care to share with the public for many reasons. A moderator is not going to change that.

As for support, if you used email prior to when the support form was established, try again.

By moderator I mean 'representative", someone to answer questions for Facer in a timely manner. Some members here never get a response, ever, myself included. If Facer wants to “not share” certain information, the representative could simply say that “that information is not available”. At least you would be heard! Whether you a partner or not a partner, many of us are giving a mass amount of our time to Facer, designing creative Faces for the benefit of Facer and all who use it. We do this freely because we love to design. It would be nice, it would be respectful, to get some sort of an answer to questions so that we do not feel ignored. No one likes to feel ignored, especially if you feel a part of something. More can be done in this regard rather than leaving things the way they are with no one responding to questions at all. Please don’t say it is a cost issue because I’m sure one of the members would do this for very little, maybe even for free.
PS - this is a general comment regarding all questions, not just questions about a face being taken down.

I understand what you mean. Just consider the partners who are regulars here as “representatives”. We do our best, but we are not permitted to share everything. There is no moderator or liaison in any community that will address personal account issues in a public forum. I speak from experience.

If you send a support request using the support form, you should be receiving an automated email to let you know it was received. In the meantime many people fix their problem themselves by doing a little reading in the community or in the Help section.
Should you still have an outstanding ticket after a few weeks, contact Facer again and include your ticket number in correspondence.

Yes, forums can have representatives to help answer questions.

Here are some examples of forums that may have representatives:

  • Open forums

In these forums, employees can gather to find out about issues, reach resolutions, and interact with community members. Representatives may be present to answer questions and provide information.

  • Workplace forums

These forums can work best when they include representatives from all parts of the business or organization. Representatives should be trained to understand their role and have the skills required, such as working constructively with people who have different views.

  • Law school forums

These forums can provide expert advice about financial aid, the LSAT, and more. Representatives may have information and documentation about their schools, and be available to talk to students and answer questions.

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I was referring to communities that are run by businesses. Facer is not a school or an employee related community. I have moderated and trained moderators for several large international companies. We have always been under NDA.

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Good news! All support requests have been attended to. If you have one outstanding please try again. Mention your original ticket number so they can be linked.


Really? Did you send a recent request last week via the appropriate form when I mentioned it? Now that you have a recent ticket number, you should be able to update that.