Design Specs for Apple watch

Total newb here for watchface design. I am a very experienced designer however.
I am having trouble finding the necessary design specs though.
What size should I create the design, what dpi? Assuming rgb color space. I have put up two watch faces. The first one I tried and tried to get it enlarged but the interface won’t let me. I can physically make it bigger but it will not show up on the preview!
I appreciate your input!

Hey Sch,

I think Facer resizes assets on up-load.

I work to a 960 px canvass at 72 dpi - future-proofing.

If the image is too big for the watch canvass, select (click on) the ‘layer’ (on the left side of your workspace), then, click on the properties button (rocket symbol, top right on the right of your workspace) and set the height and width to 320.

Does that help?

Note: As I understand it, Apple is an isolated eco-system that will not allow you to publish anything more and an image… So you know.

Welcome @schwabbysc :slight_smile:
There are several discussions on this issue here

Here you can download a template for photoshop

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Thanks for the direction Lucky. I guess photoshop ‘smart-objects’ could be part of the facer lesson set… Out of ignorance, am I right in saying iOS is out of scope?

About smart objects in photoshop discussion here, and about iOS I can not say anything specific, while I have never made watchfaces for iOS