Watch face blurry on watch, crisp on screen?

Hey guys,

I made a couple of watch faces now and they look great in the designer, but when i upload them to my watch the images lack contrast and they look blend and flat. When i look at other designs on facer, they look much better.

I make all designs in photoshop, export the images as .png files.

Is there something specific i have to do to make the images look great on my watch? Do i have to design the face in a specific size? (now i make the images oversized and make them smaller in the designer, thinking that would keep the best resolution)

Please help!

here is one of my designs. Looks good on screen, not so good on my watch:

What size are you making your files? It may be upsampling your images. You should design at least at 640x640 or higher.

the watch face image i used for my last design was 1070x1070px.

Maybe cause that’s a weird size? Try sizing one of the images down to 640x640 and see if it clears up.

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thanks i will try that. i’ll get back to you on that

What i did was resize the images to 640x640px and set the dpi to 392 (that seems to be the dpi for the galaxy watch). I think it helped a bit. it is hard to say without a side by side comparison, but it seems to be sharper.

I already updated 2 of my faces. including the one posted above. Might you want to test it out.
This is my newest one:

Thanks for your help!

Actually, the Galaxy has a PPI of 392, meaning it displays 392 pixels per inch. The screen resolution is 360x360 pixels. I make my images 1280x1280 and let Facer scale them down for me.

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ok i will try 1280p next. Though, i wonder. My watch screen is 360x360, but facer has a max resolution of 320x320.

  1. Is it bettter to use a multiplication of 320p or 360p?
  2. Can the difference between my watch screen (360p) and the Facer platform cause the blurry image?

I would work with 640x640 @ 72dpi

That has always worked for me. It could be the weird dpi that’s making it look blurry to you.

Ok thank you. It improved allready by going to 640x640 even with the 392DPI. I’ll test is later today.

640x640 is 640x640, the DPI should not matter (only when you print it on paper or something)

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Yeah but 72 is screen resolution. Pretty sure all screens use 72. So if you have an image that is a different resolution, it might be trying to up or down-sample it to get it back to 72.

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Thank you Equibo for this post and thank you designers for your kind feedbacks. I was also facing the same problem. Designs looks great on 512x512 GWS screen shot but rubbish on 360x360 watch screenshot.

Equibo, may I ask what is you final setup, is it 640 x 640 @ 72 DPI?