Design taken down

Yeah you see He has the slots lined up . Bots Hate that . Not good Engineering Practice .

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all jokes aside, this topic seems to be proving my point about how f****ing broken this is and how blaming the designer has become a joke when no one at the site takes responsabiltiy for fixing the way they allow so many clear breaches of copyright and continue to take down faces that if the designer hadnt made copies of would be extremly frustrating and makes it impossible to become a seller if they take it down and you have to repost it, then you will never get the syncs needed. The jokes have to stop and for people to start taking this problem seriously including the facer staff that have already commented on this topic and done nothing to fix it.

Facer is doing their best. But if someone doesnt complain about an infringement, and it isnt flagged by the autobot, theyre not going through every face to see if it infringes.

It is frustrating to have your design removed if it’s caught by the bot or however, but the two times I’ve been flagged, I contacted them, stated my case, and both designs were reinstated. If you’re really designing your own stuff, then all you need to worry about is a handful of names like “oyster” and “perpetual” etc.

Duplicating any designs you might have concerns about is a good idea.


It would really make sense to list all potentially offensive things.

You can’t guess that a simple slotted screw is protected.
A sensible list of pictures would make everyone’s day easier.
We draftsmen and designers could simply check and thereby avoid many small mistakes.
And it would save those responsible a great deal of time because they would have to examine and restore far fewer faces.


I’d like to see that list myself.

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One of the problems of making a list on here is the topic becomes un editable after a While . I am trying to curate a list of names that might lead to a take down . Collecting all the visual elements as well is beyond the scope of the Platform .

BTW Zenith and Ladybird are Banned words as well amongst others .

just got a bounch of new screws from amazon , hope marvin would like them better :sweat_smile:

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download (1)



Here is the list as of July


Nice, i was thinking of Facers actual list but that’ll help people.

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I’m betting that Facer keeps the “official” banned words list secret, so people won’t use it to skirt around the rules.

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so far the bot has nothing against these screws.
I am currently using blacks of this design in my last two faces.

I will not give an exact name on purpose.
we don’t want to wake up sleeping dogs. :wink: