Different time zone on watch


Sorry if this was asked before

I recently moved to a different time zone (from eastern time to central time) but this is not reflected on my watch as the time is still displayed on eastern time. My phone is displaying correctly the central time.

I’ve tried different faces. The default faces on my watch shoe the correct time.

Is there any way to show other than eastern times with Facer?

I’m using a huawei watch.

Thanks for your help!

I’m running in to the same problem. I travel a lot. I recently bought the watch and set it up to display the local time zone as text in the center (using #Db#:#DmZ#:#DsZ#) with East Coast time in the top (using ( ( #DUh# + 7 + floor((#DUm#+00)/60) )%12 ) :((#DUm#+00)%60) NY), and West Coast at the bottom, assuming that the local time zone would change when I traveled. But now I’ve changed time zones and the information on the watch hasn’t changed.

How can I get it to show the local time zone, to match my phone? (On my Pebble, re-downloading the face would correct things - that doesn’t work with Facer on my Asus Zenwatch 2.

A lot of time has gone by without any support so far …

This week, I traveled from the East Coast to the Midwest. As before, the main time did not update to the new time zone, with the watch showing the same times as in Maryland.I tried a quick fix; changing the main time from #Db#:#DmZ#:#DsZ# to (#Db#-1):#DmZ#:#DsZ# and it worked, although the manual fix should not have been needed. However, a few hours later I looked and found that the main time was off by an hour: it had shifted two hours and not one. I deleted the -1, back to the standard time, and now it shows the correct (Midwest) time even though based on past experience I would expect to see East Coast time.

I suspect that the time zone is established when the text is created, so that editing the main time zone reset the zone? I’ll find out when I get home at the end of the week.

Is there any support available on this? I am finding that sometimes the local time updates after about a day, and sometimes it doesn’t, and I can’t force it to update.

I’m experiencing the same problem. I tried: changing face, restarting my watch, killing and reopening Facer on my phone, to no avail.

I should mention that all the other non-Facer watch faces display the correct time. The watch is fully aware of the correct time. How can Facer get this wrong is beyond me.

Please at least suggest a workaround to force it to recognize the correct time.

Found a workaround: from the watch go in settings, storage and delete the data for the Facer app. Deleting the cache is not sufficient. Afterwards it will restart with the correct time. The whole process is not a huge pain, only takes half a minute tops. I hope this helps other people in the same situation.

(I also wanted to point out, re: my previous post, that even though I’m not a premium user I’m still a paying customer as I bought a few face collections).

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I travel extensively for my work, and run into this problem 10 times a month or more. My phone updates, the watch updates (as evidenced by the time while playing music or selecting a built in face), but Facer remains on the previous time zone. So far the only remedy on my Ticwatch is to restart the watch to force Facer to update the time.

I wonder if anyone from Facer support can chime in on this. Since the correct time is probably the #1 expected feature of a watch face, Facer needs a way to poll the system time more than once per session to make sure it accounts for time zone changes. For now restarting the watch after the phone time is correct seems to fix the problem, but Facer should always show the correct phone/watch time natively.

Any update on this? I too travel extensively and this bug is driving me nuts. I will abandon facer if this can’t be fixed.

@rblahnik I’m happy to share that this will be fixed in the next Facer update. So sorry it took us so long to get to that!

Any update on this? Can confirm as of today, changing time zones is not reflected on watch face while all other default watch faces properly update and sync with the phone.

Hi @rblahnik!

What type of watch do you use?
And watch version of Facer is installed on it? See steps to find out here: How do I check which version of Facer I have? – How can we help?

LG Urbane. Version is 5.0.1_100345-(100345)

Thanks! And so you are saying that on this version you traveled through different timezones and the time shown on Facer did not reflect the new timezone automatically?

Yes, left central time zone and landed in pacific time zone yesterday. Phone time updated to local time upon landing. Watch stayed on central time until I rebooted the watch today. All other watch faces showed the correct time (pacific time).

I am flying back to central time later today and will report back results.

Update: Landed last night around 12am back into central time zone. as of 9am this morning, Facer watch face still shows Pacific time even though phone and other watchfaces show correct central time. watchface time: 7:15am, phone time: 9:15am

Thanks for your report! We’ll test again on our side - the issue seemed fixed, but it clearly isn’t for you so something might still be wrong.
Can you try something for me? In the settings of your phone, can you manually change the timezone and see if it updates on the Facer watch face immediately?

When I manually change time zone in settings, it updated on facer watch face immediately.

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Interesting - we’ll have to figure out what’s different between actually traveling between timezones, and manually changing them in the settings.
Thanks for your feedback!

When I re-ran your test this morning (manually set time zone) the facer watch face did not respond. I think I may have mistakenly run my previous test on a non-facer watch face. I ran the test several times with different time zones and the facer watch face did not reflect the new time. The phone time was reported accurately every time.