Double animation

Latest, something different this time


Very nicely made, but imhO the watch hand are not matching to the scenery beyond.

Nice, but I’d suggest adding a center to the design.

You could even make it so it fades from blue to green to tie it together. (2 layers, one blue dot, one green dot, set transparency to pulse)

Agree, wasn’t quite satisfied myself. I’ll give it a second look

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Thank for the feedback! I’will do that, will look beter
Can you help me whit the formula to use for pulse in transparency?
I now use sin/cos in the equation but it is rather complicated…

Made the hands more fit in, thanks to your feedback, it kinda looks better now!

Sure thing.

Make two layers.
1st - Blue Center
2nd - Green Center

1st Transparency - (sin(#DWE#wakeRand(3,10)-wakeRand(0, (wakeRand(3,10)(pi*2))))75+75)
2nd Transparency - (cos(#DWE#wakeRand(3,10)-wakeRand(0, (wakeRand(3,10)(pi

Basically the two alternate fading (sin vs cos)

You may want to tweak things so it alternates correct colors/timing but hopefully this helps/looks good :smiley:

Looks like you’ve got it! Looks great!

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Thanks, for the answer,

I did it somewhat different; I kept the lower layer just at 100 transparency en and the upper layer with transparency:
So many ways that lead to Rome!
Grtz. Kees


Looking far better with the new hands and the center!