EDITED: Creator fails on Samsung Watch 6

Sorry everyone, but after my post saying how wonderful Creator was - I’ve discovered too many bugs, and the serious one being it won’t really work well on Samsung Watch 6, slows down the watch badly and eats battery.
Zero help from support (no reply), so I can’t be bothered like they are either… so I’m out of here.

Thanks to everyone for the help, great community, but I need a platform which is reliable and I’ve discovered that now.


You’ll find out that Facer is not perfect but it’s the best thing on the market at the moment.

The best way to learn how to do things is to open other people watchfaces and see how they made them.

Check out the work of russellcresser and mrantisocialguy, they have all watchfaces open for inspection (click on the rocket icon on the left of watchface and it will open in editor mode)
and they are the best teachers.

Ask here and you’ll be answered for sure.

And welcome to community!


Astradyne can you please take a look at this topic and share your experiences:

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Check out the work of russellcresser and mrantisocialguy,

Yes, thank you. russellcresser has already replied to one of my queries and been very helpful. These guys should be getting free Facer subscriptions for their contributions if they don’t work for them!

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They work for glory!!!


I selected watch 5 in app because 6 doesn’t available for the moment. Some features doesn’t work, specialy weather. Nothing appears.

I just added Weather Text, and Weather Icons on my creator and works on my Watch 6 classic straight away.

Select “Watch 5 in app”
Wow, I never changed that - mine is on default. But isn’t that just a visual thing?, I didn’t think it changed any functionality, maybe it does… again documentation is vague.


Yes, documentation is minimal, and seems every Creator has his/her own catalog of code for all kinds of things. I personally have 40 notes pages with stuff but no real central place to store this.

So your best shot is this community, happy to help…

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