Expressions not working on Fossil Sport

I am not sure to post this question in the good place… Sorry for that!

My problem is with faces I’ve created and working perfectly in Creator, but not with my Fossil Sport watch. The expressions don’t work on the watch.
I have this problem with my “3 zones!” watch and with my “Challenge” watch.

Can you help me?

And a subsidiary question: how to get a screenshot of my watch?

Thanks a lot!


You didn’t state which expressions were causing you problems so I’ll guess it’s with the time on your “3 Zones!” watch face. It looks like your UTC expression might be at issue. I don’t remember who posted this expression or I would give them credit, but I’ve had good luck using


You can alter this to get your Karachi time. If that isn’t where your issue is, please let us know so we know where the smarter ones than myself can look. :grin:

Thank you for trying to help me!
With the watch “3 zones!”, the issue is with the text at the left of the little faces (for GMT and Zone 3). The layers are Jour 3 (-1), Jour 3 (+1), Jour 2 (-1) and Jour 2 (+1).
The expressions making problems are for the opacity.
I want to display ‘==’ if the date is the same as for local time, “+1” if the date of the zone (2 or 3) is one day ahead, “-1” if the date of the zone (2 or 3) is one day before day in local time.
It is a little tricky, but it works correctly with the Creator app on the web, but doesn’t work on my watch. Instead of having ‘==’, I get ‘==’ and ‘+1’ displayed together (opacity for Jour 2 (+1) = 100 insteaf of 0).
I don’t understand why the expressions are correct on the web site for creation of faces, and incorrect on my watch…


I have found that some expressions work fine in Creator and also on Tizen watches, but does not work in the Android app and if it does not work correctly in the Android app, it won’t work on some (all?) WearOS watches either, with Fossil being one of the more problematic (or else just more popular) brands running WearOS.

I consider this to be Facer bugs, which I documented and reported to Facer via their support desk early in February, complete with a link to a draft Face exhibiting all the behaviour I described. However to date I have not had a single reply to my support ticket from Facer…

To get the face in question working on Fossil, required a complete redesign of the logic used, adding several more layers to get the desired result, even though the original design worked 100% on my Galaxy Watch.

See this thread, hope it helps:

Oh I see now. I wasn’t thinking it was an opacity issue. I have noticed on my TicWatch E that I only use for testing, that it does not like compound expressions. I had one for two letter week days and it would walk the display to the right like it was reading them back to back in a sentence. I still have not figured out for sure if it’s TicWatch only or all WearOS watches. I am finding that many people with Fossil watches have the same issues I have with this TicWatch so I’m thinking it’s a WearOS issue in general. Hopefully you will figure it out, but it may end up being multiple layers with separate simple Opacity expressions to do it. Good Luck Rémi.