Facer Companion for Gear S2/S3 - v3.1.5 released!

Hi all!

We’re very excited to release v3.1.5 of the Facer Companion for Gear S2/S3 today!

What’s new:

  • Fully leverages optimized face files for fast loading and less crashes (especially on S2 and S3/LTE)
  • UI for theme color switching updated to be more responsive
  • Uses new default face inviting users to triple tap instead of syncing from phone
  • Defaults to Classic AOD mode instead of Dimmed
  • Fixes occasional face flickers
  • Fixes themes not always getting applied properly
  • Fixes daily mix notification showing up too often
  • Misc bug fixes.

Thanks for using Facer on your Samsung Gear S2/S3. Don’t forget to update the app to this version by going to the Gear Store on your phone!

~The Facer crew


The new colour picker on S3 is much better, but I still have an issue, the link below is to one of my own faces, I change colours but when I select white it does not display correctly please help? @Facer_Official

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How do S3 users delete faces from our watches? I know this has been asked many times

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can you share screenshots of the issue? We’ll look into it!


We’re still looking into the delete feature - the main challenge is that long press isn’t accessible on Gear devices for 3rd party apps, which means that the delete feature needs to be an icon, or a triple tap, or something else along these lines. Not ideal!


Facer companion app blocked my country in Galaxy app and I can’t install it to my Gear S3.
Plz help me

This update has not resolved displaying Facer weather tags correctly.

Major bug: The #WTH# for Today’s High and #WTL# for Today’s Low TAGS are not displaying correct information on the Gear S3, and they keep changing randomly throughout the day.

Minor bug: The #DISDAYTIME# TAG for sunrise/sunset is a few hours off. I use it in both ==true and ==false mode for image transparency, and the false image appears a few hours before sundown, then the last hour before sundown the true image will re-display. At least it’s not displaying both images at the same time. I’m using #DISDAYTIME# with the #WCCI# TAG to display different weather images depending on day or night so it’ll seem like I have a weather widget on my S3 just like my phone.

Display image 1 during daytime using transparency
Display image 2 during nighttime using transparency

This is just one example of my faces that don’t return to original theme colour (nuclear no hands)


Thanks! Sending to our test team to reproduce and we’ll plan a fix ASAP.

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Dear facer
When the application is compatible with samsung gear s3 in iphone which mean gear s3/ios

Best regard

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agree, is this something that might be rolled out? I’m also and S3 iPhone user

I have gone to Galaxy Apps…I have downloaded the companion for S2/S3. It is dated 06/07/17. It still syncs up to 75%, then stops. Whats the deal? What can I be doing wrong? I have an S2 with a Note 5.

@Rick790 which watch face specifically are you trying to sync to your watch? We can test that on our side on a Gear S2.

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Try SW Analog MP301… I have had problems with anything I have tried frankly.

Thanks! we’ll test that face on Gear S2 and let you know what we find.
Just to be clear, the issue happens when you try to sync it from the phone to the watch? And the loading bar starts showing up on the watch but stays stuck at 75%? What does it say on the watch at that time? “Optimizing”? “Placing Gears”?

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Exactly…Then it just goes back to the prior face.

Which exact version of the Gear S2 do you own? Is it the 3G model?

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The watch is a SM 730V


i have the same issue Rick790 has, only on a gear s3 device paired with an LG G5, running the latest version (on both watch and phone).
also, in my case it stops syncing after 25% and not 75%.
i’m using the non LTE model : SM- R760