FACER no longer supports weather?

FACER is not showing weather on any watchface.

Android wear has the weather on the weather screen, but the watchface does not pull it through. Does Facer not pull from the android wear app? App is now not worth using.

Not that I suppose it helps you much but addressing the title of your post “FACER no longer supports weather”:

Weather is coming through ok from my Samsung phone to my Samsung watch.

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@mikethinks hi! We are not aware of any widespread issues with weather on Facer. Can you let me know what type of smartwatch you are using? and can you also confirm the location permission is granted on both the phone and the watch?

It appears that I had the same issue. It is not a Facer issue. Watch itself didn’t get weather info but weather was displayed in my watch face (Facer). I had to install the weather app from the google play store and all weather info was back. Without the app my weather tile said it can’t get weather at the moment and to try later.

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Hey all, came to the forums specifically because I have issues with weather as well. Issue is occurring on both my watch and the facer app. Temperature, current condition, min and max temp, and humidity. Additionally humidity has a what might be an error code: #WHCP#

Happens for any face I’ve looked at.

Screenshot for reference

Tags are: #WCHP# and #WCHN#, you misplaced the letters :slight_smile:

My weather has been broken for a number of days now too. Either it displays plainly wrong info or if I stop using it for a day or so and switch back it will just show dashes where there should be data.

Shows the same thing in the facer phone app too.

Galaxy Watch, S10.

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xiaomi mi 9+huawei watch 2 4G me too weather is broken and any display

Its honestly a mess. I also have problems with weather on my watch, I just don’t pay attention to it. Can someone at Facer finally fix the weather once and for all? This has been an ongoing problem for months.

I have an LG Urbane with an iPhone.

Hi all,

We are going to release a watch face to help debug this issue for users facing it. The issue is rather complex as it may come from multiple parts of the platform (location not detected? connection issue with the weather service? No data from the weather service itself?). We’ll update this thread when the test watch face is released.



Please download Facer 5.1.24 from the beta channel on Google Play (howto) and then open this watch face in the mobile app and sync it to your watch:

If you could share a screenshot of what you see on both phone and watch at facer-support@little-labs.com, that would be very helpful! We will be able to see which part of the system is causing the issue.

Important note: this face shows your latitude and longitude and we recommend against sharing these screenshots publicly for privacy reasons. Please use the support email above instead.

Hi all,

FYI, one of you sent us some very helpful information to our support email address and we were able to identify an issue that could indeed cause the weather to not properly show up.

This bug is now fixed and the fix should be included in the Facer 5.1.24 which is schedule for release before the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!

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Nope. I have version 5.1.24 and weather does not update on any Facer watch face. Works fine on non-facers. I see this has been a problem for years and still unresolved. Watch now says it is snowing. Weird, since outside my window I see clear blue skies, temp. in the 50’s.

@detritusgoeshere can you send us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com? We’ll investigate that with you ASAP.

im on 5.1.71_105972 and im having the same issue with the weather not updating.

It was mentioned before but installing OpenWeather on the phone seems to fix everything.

When I first started I could not even get weather elementss to show until I turned GPS on on the watch.
For a week it has been working but hardly ever updating (wi-fi on the watch off).

Today I installed OpenWeather on the phone and GPS off on the watch. Weather now woking properly on facer faces.

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I have had the same issue, and i solved it charging a face from Galaxy Store and then going back to Facer’s Face. Now i have read about installing OpenWeather on the phone and i decided to do a try.
@rob.fisk is right. After having installed Open Weather al meteo data were on my face in less than 1 second

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Yeah I Installed Open Weather as @rob.fisk mentioned.
I was trying to find the post where MAG @mrantisocialguy dropped the link .
Easy enough to find on the Google Play Store.
Not sure if it makes any difference time will tell .
My watch is usually reporting all the Weather Station stuff OK .
Unless I go on a little trip somewhere or the watch crashes and needs a reboot.
Then it would normally take a bout 20 mins to sort itself out.