Facer not rendering colors correctly

I’ve written about similar issues before and not come up with any solutions. Loss of vibrancy. Colors wrong. Is it my watch? I don’t think so. Let me explain.
I had a watch face that looked like this

but I decided to make a slight change in the second hand which you see here. Before I made the change, it looked nice on my wrist. Now it looks like this.

So I tried deleting the new second hand, but it still looked awful.
Now why do I say it’s the way Facer is rendering new uploads and not my watch. Because I have 2 other watch faces with the same background.
This one

looks the way it’s supposed to look on my wrist.!

which, by the way, is also how it looks on the web. This was created a while ago before Facer started messing up the colors.
Here’s one that looks nice enough

but on my wrist it looks almost red and lacks the subtle shading of the burgundy shown in the web image.

I don’t get it. I can’t create nice looking faces and depend on them looking like they do in Facer when they get on my watch. And I explained above why I’m certain it’s not my watch.

I just synced your burgundy face to check, and on my watch the colors appear exactly as they are supposed to. Maybe double check watch settings, is that a Frontier, isn’t there a graphics quality setting on that one? Also, try a watch reboot, that the magic fix-all :slight_smile:

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I just synced the Burgundy & Gold face to both my Galaxy Classic 4 and my Fossil Q Explorist and the colors look great just like they should. I would do the magic fix-all that @kvansant suggested and if that don’t work you might check to make sure the watch face brightness hasn’t been changed somehow.

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Thanks for your advice. I don’t doubt that my Samsung Gear S3 may renders things differently than some other brands, but the bottom line is that what I used to post on Facer looked the same on my watch as it does on-line. Not anymore. And my proof, at least to myself, is that my 2 other New Year’s watch faces with the same background, uploaded several years ago, still look right on my my watch, but not the one I updated. I did attempt a reboot and will always try to follow your advice since you clearly know what you’re talking about, but the reboot didn’t change anything.

Thanks for your input. The watch face brightness has not been changed, and what’s more, the faces I posted years ago still look the way they’re supposed. While I’m not thrilled that my burgundy and gold face doesn’t look on my watch the way it looks on-line, at least it looks nice. But updating the New Year’s Eve watch face that I wrote about absolutely destroyed it’s appearance. If this was the way things looked when I first started posting watch faces, I probably would have given up a long time ago, but this is definitely a problem only with watch faces uploaded or updated within the past year.

You may be on to something here, I just loaded up your Burgundy face on my Gear S3 Frontier and my Galaxy 4 together side by side. My Gear S3 is showing it like yours does and my Galaxy 4 shows it correctly.

Well, now I know I’m not crazy, but like I said, the faces I posted a while ago don’t have this problem. The problem only occurs with the new or updated ones. So what’s the answer? Contact facer support? Unfortunately, the few times I’ve contacted them I get canned responses that don’t look like they understand my unique issue. I have little faith that they have a solution

My personal opinion is that they have shifted Facer to be better on Apple and WearOS 3 watches and have given up on or at least abandoned Tizen compatibility. Both my Gear S3 and my Galaxy 1 watches have become unstable running Facer for more than a few hours. If started first thing in the morning with a Facer watch face by late afternoon they both have become sluggish. Sometimes Facer will just restart when I try to look at the time. I’ve been only using Facer on my WearOS watches and just use Samsung dashboard face mostly for the last year.

Maybe that’s Samsung’s subtle way of telling you to buy a newer watch. Just because Samsung still “supports” current Tizen watches doesn’t mean everything will continue to work perfectly.

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Maybe so, but the fact still remains that it is the change in the Facer platform that’s causing my problem since all the faces I posted before the most recent Facer updates look fine on my Gear S3. Only new posts and updates look awful.

I will say that the enhancements for WearOS 3 is what is causing the older versions of Tizen to render colors wrong. I just loaded your Burgundy face on my Galaxy 1 watch which is running the last version of Tizen. The colors look perfect. My Galaxy 1 is running R800XXU1GUJ3 and my Gear S3 is running R760XXU2FUD1. The S3 was last updated May 1st, 2021.

My Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 4 watches render the colors just fine, but my older S3 Frontier doesn’t. I would say if your Tizen watch is not a full Galaxy watch and is older, it’s never going be good on Facer again.

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I’m not sure if I understand. Are you saying that if i had the older version of Tizen software things would look OK, or are you saying that if I updated to the latest version of Tizen software things would look OK? On my Galaxy Gear S3 I can see that I’m running version of Facer, but I have no idea where to look for the version of Tizen.
Thanks for all your help, and restoring my sanity.

If you open your Samsung Wear app on your phone and go to the bottom of the page, you will see a link “About Watch”. If you click that you will see a page with the link “Software information” near the middle. You click on that, and it will show you all the software versions that are on your watch. Here is a screenshot of my Gear S3’s software.

I just figured it out. I have software version R770XXU2FUD1, Tizen version 4.007. My last update was May 13, 2020, and according to the the galaxy wearable app my software is up to date

Same here on my S3. But I know my Galaxy 1 watch got an update late last year so it’s a lot newer update than the S3’s update is.

I guess my only options are to wait until (if) an update becomes available or wait until I can afford a new watch, or have to get one once my Gear 3 craps out on me

I can say, if you like the Gear S3 you would love the Galaxy 4 or 4 classic. I’ve had the Active 2 and the standard Galaxy 4 would be like it. I wasn’t too crazy about the bezel emulating the ring on the Active 2. I like the real ring on my my Gear S3, Galaxy 1 and now Galaxy 4 Classic. My complaint is that the battery life on my S3 is a little over 2 full days. My Galaxy 4 Classic with a bigger battery is not any better. I can get 5 days out of my Galaxy 1 watch battery. My Fossil Carlyle “might” make it a full 24 hours if I’m lucky. I’m now considering trying to sell it. Just haven’t been as happy with it as I have been with my Samsung watches.

Just tried the burgundy face and the Happy New Year on my first gen Samsung Galaxy classic and it looks proper like you made it to look. The burgundy face very nice by the way. I also find the Facer watch software on my Samsung Tizen based Galaxy watch to be sluggish and crashes occasionally.