Facer Samsung Companion App Missing - Again?

I’m working through the setup of my new S10+, and noticed that the Facer Companion app did not transfer over with SmartSwitch. Checking the Galaxy Apps store, it seems to be missing. I saw a thread from last year where Samsung appeared to have removed the Facer app for whatever reasons they did, and I was wondering if that happened again.

I factory reset my Note 9 just a few days ago, and was able to install it no problem then, so this seems to be very recent. Unfortunately I have already wiped it again in order to turn it back into T-Mobile, so I cannot pull the APK and load it on my S10+.

Can anyone else confirm if the Facer Companion App is missing for them?


Facer should be available in the Galaxy App Store. Can you let me know what country you are from?

United States

It was available as recent as Sunday, when I set up my Note 9.

Here are the errors I get:

And this one:

That’s very odd - can you try searching for just “facer” instead of “facer companion”?
Can you also try getting it through this link? https://smarturl.it/0i7cbh

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Same result searching for Facer, but the link you provided did work. Thank you!

If you are logged into the same Samsung account as prior all you should have to do is open the galaxy watch manager app and click apps, then click settings tab and history. The app should be listed in the list and you can reinstall from there.

I just received my Samsung S10e yesterday, and have yet to switch …

Will let you know if I have any issues.

Do check if the ‘Facer app’ is instead an applet (under Galaxy Apps).

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@andrew.dowden let us know if there’s any issue on your side on the S10. This would be something we would have to bring up to Samsung’s store team. Cheers!

I have just got my s10 and I have the same problem,I have downloaded facer but I cannot find and therefore install the companion app?

@cranegeezer thanks for your report! We’re following up with Samsung. In the meantime, can you access it by opening this link on your phone? https://smarturl.it/0i7cbh

Can you help me solve the issue of supporting traditional chinese language on watch elememts ? I had email to your offical address but no one answer. Maybe make an option to use English on all watch element,like Pujie Black app did is another way.

Hi @natf.xda! Some other S10 users are reporting also that Facer is not available in the store for them, but that the link we provided does not work either. Did it work for you immediately? Or did you have to do anything for it to work and being able to install Facer?

Your link worked right away for me.

After tapping on it, a new tab opened in the browser, said I’d be redirected to the Galaxy Store, and I was then able to install.

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Thanks, @natf.xda! We’ll communicate this to other users having issues on their S10.

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You’re welcome, and thank you for an awesome app!

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@natf.xda @andrew.dowden @cranegeezer: for those of you that have or had this issue, what type of watch are you using? We are working with Samsung on this and trying to narrow down the configuration of phone/watch that is affected.

Galaxy Watch LTE

Hi all - Samsung just informed us that there was a temporary issue in the Galaxy App Store making some apps not visible to all users. This issue should now be fixed. If you were having trouble finding Facer, could you try again now?