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Facer Watch Faces not Syncing Steps & Heart Rate

I have a Samsung Watch 4 Classic. I have Facer installed on my phone and the Facer companion app installed on my watch. I’m using Samsung Health and Google Fit to track heart rate and steps. But for some reason the steps and heart rate aren’t updating on any Facer watch faces that I download. Can someone please help?


I have both the GW4 standard version and the GW4 Classic. Both are updating on Facer watch faces with no issues. Do you have all the permissions granted in the watch for Facer?

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yes. i just checked and all permissions are allowed. I have seen others having the same problem it seems this is a common issue, although the post i read the step counter was a bit off compared to what his health app was saying while mine is WAY off. My watch face says 1207 steps while samsung health says over 15,000 steps.

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OK, next have you checked to make sure your watch is running the latest Facer companion app and also the latest GW4 watch software? There have been recent updates for both of them to fix issues. On both of my GW4s the step count stays exactly with what the Samsung health app and the step widget on the watch says.

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