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Facer Watch Faces not Syncing Steps & Heart Rate

I have a Samsung Watch 4 Classic. I have Facer installed on my phone and the Facer companion app installed on my watch. I’m using Samsung Health and Google Fit to track heart rate and steps. But for some reason the steps and heart rate aren’t updating on any Facer watch faces that I download. Can someone please help?


I have both the GW4 standard version and the GW4 Classic. Both are updating on Facer watch faces with no issues. Do you have all the permissions granted in the watch for Facer?

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yes. i just checked and all permissions are allowed. I have seen others having the same problem it seems this is a common issue, although the post i read the step counter was a bit off compared to what his health app was saying while mine is WAY off. My watch face says 1207 steps while samsung health says over 15,000 steps.

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OK, next have you checked to make sure your watch is running the latest Facer companion app and also the latest GW4 watch software? There have been recent updates for both of them to fix issues. On both of my GW4s the step count stays exactly with what the Samsung health app and the step widget on the watch says.

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Same problem with my ticwatch gps pro

Same thing started recently with my ticwatch pro too. Other faces work fine.

I’ve been complaining about this since last week… Facer is in denial about the problem. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, confirm permissions, turned my watch off & on. I was about to factory reset… But the real problem is something changes last Wednesday, and more people are voicing.

Facer, please fix the problem!!

Same here and same timing. My tic watch pro 3 was displaying fine and suddenly stopped displaying heart rate data. I did factory reset and everything and still no dice. Definitely a facer problem.

@facer31 & @kpersaud68

Facer is having issues with the new WearOS 3 on the Fossil gen 6 and the new Google Pixel Watch. Sometimes trying to fix one issue on one watch will cause issues on other watches. Last year when they added the Galaxy Watch 4 we went through that same thing with the older WearOS watches and the Tizen watches.

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I’m sure everyone has seen this. They are still working on it.
As mentioned in the announcement it appears to be Wear Os problem. Did Wear OS update recently on your devices?

@facer31 now that you have pinpointed that it is “definitely a facer problem” please email Facer Support to let them know the details of your findings so they will know exactly what to fix.

I haven’t updated… Both my Motorola and Fossil running 2.38

Lol. Sorry, didn’t mean to sound curt with my comment. Was typing in a rush. Just emphasizing I tried all the usual steps which I always try to avoid as I don’t want to add all my nfc cards again. Sure, it could be a wearos uodate, not just a facer issue but I did reach out to support and they are most helpful. Known issue that’s being worked on. Have a great day!

Same problem get with my TicWatch Pro 3. Started suddenly last week. I can’t see the heart rate anymore on facer quadrants. I can see it with default ones though.

Tic Watch Pro 3 GPS here. No BPM anymore on Facer faces, but stock TicWatch faces display fine. I’ve tried for two days now to no avail

confirm tic watch pro 2020 heart rate doesn’t work with none of facer faces

I’ve got the same problem. Heart rate showing as zero with any Facer face on my Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS.


Update… Heart rate monitor (on all faces) is now working again, as of the morning of Wednesday, November 23. Hallelujah!! :+1:

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Yes, everything is working like a charm now.

All working as it should again. Thanks, Facer!