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[KNOWN ISSUE] Step counter issues on Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 5

Hi all,

The issue:
As many of you have reported, we are seeing some issues with the step counter on the Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 4, and Galaxy Watch 5 devices. These issues are sporadic and result in the step counter either being stuck at 0, or no longer updating after a certain point.

Our team is investigating this issue with Google and Samsung, and the current understanding is that WearOS starts failing to send step counter updates to Facer after a little while. The cause of that failure is not yet known but actively investigated.

Known workaround:
This issue appears to fix itself after restarting the watch.

We will update this thread as we learn more and are hoping to have a fix for this soon. Thanks for your patience!


While dealing with Samsung and Google, can you please inform us will the live heartrate on Watch 4 and Watch 5 ever be solved?
Thank you!


I have the same problem with my heartrate showing as zero with any Facer face on my Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS.
Non-Facer faces do not have this problem.

Thank you! Any suggestions if restarting doesn’t help? I’m disappointed that I purchased a watch face without knowing of this issue and now it doesn’t count steps (one of the main things I loved about it!).

Make sure you have updated Facer both on watch and phone.
Few days ago new update has rolled out and problems with steps/heart have been solved.

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Same problem on Fossil Gen6, not fixing after restarting the watch