Feature rquest: Square / Cube of, Numerical Power (^)

There needs to be some simple method of stating power rather then ‘full expansion’:

X * X (eg. in C/C++ X^2)

X * X * X (eg. in C/C++ X^3)

Or, more complex: (real example)

0.75933 + 1.53058868 * (complex expression 1) + ((1.178e-4) - (1.55e-7) * (complex expression 2)) * (complex expression 2)^2

isn’t this done with the exponent expression:
exp(number) Gets E to the x power (exp(2))

That is specific to ‘Natural Logs’ based on the constant ‘e’ … roughly 2.71828

See: e^x - Napiers number, e Raised to Power x Calculator

ahh. I haven’t had a need to use an exponent yet.

Turns out there is an expression for it (though it is not documented). it is 23=8, 24=16 etc.

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properly formatted: 2**3 =8, 2**4 =16 (using ‘Preformatted text’ Ctrl+Shift+C’))

Also need to investigate if this works consistently on all watches …

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those I was bolding… fixed now. thanks