Future day weather icons

I’m trying to create a 3 day forecast on my watch face with the hi/low temperature for each day as well as the weather icon.

I’ve got the hi/low temp for each day but I don’t know how to do the weather icon.

I’ve found the expressions for future day’s weather icon, but where do I enter the expression? The only variables I see are position, width, and rotation.

Got my answer from searching around. Looks like I need to add an image and use the opacity to show/hide different images based on the weather condition.

This watch has an example of how to do it:

Here is a good tutorial thread that initially helped me. It utilizes & explains the #WFACI#, #WFBCI# etc tags…

I find it is also important to pre name your weather icons with the 01 02 03 04 09 11 13 50 label in the name, as it makes it easier to track the items in the creator we app.

Also, you can add details on specifying a day/night condition for the current weather icon if you want.

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