Grey circular background 640x640


Thank you Luky.

Would you have original hands and or gimbals plesase.

What I did was posted here

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Yes thank you I downloaded them but do you have to share with me nice and original hands and dials too. Because I don’t have Photoshop or an illustrator. I try to create basic shapes from Microsoft PowerPoint, that is to say if I get bored to have a semblance of something. Meric to you.

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You can build your file in Illustrator® on the Mac or the PC. Doesn't matter at this point.
Export your art as an EMF (enhanced metafile).
If you are on the PC, no problem. Just open PowerPoint and import the art and ungroup it. However, if you are on the Mac, like me, you have an extra in-between step.
    Find a friend with a PC, or get one, and put the art on the PC computer desktop first.
    Import the artwork into PowerPoint on the PC.
    Now, ungroup the artwork (break apart), and you have an editable vector in PowerPoint.(Whew!)

Thank you. Do you have other hands and more fun more original dials please?

:slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I will gradually upload them.

:+1: yeah !

A thought :slight_smile:
What would be the formula of opactie to make appear a different image for each day of the week?

Please !