Round Tick Marks

You can build your file in Illustrator® on the Mac or the PC. Doesn’t matter at this point.
Export your art as an EMF (enhanced metafile).
If you are on the PC, no problem. Just open PowerPoint and import the art and ungroup it. However, if you are on the Mac, like me, you have an extra in-between step.
Find a friend with a PC, or get one, and put the art on the PC computer desktop first.
Import the artwork into PowerPoint on the PC.
Now, ungroup the artwork (break apart), and you have an editable vector in PowerPoint.(Whew!)


Thanks for sharing all of these!

You have no 11 and 12 twice. Sorry.

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Unfortunately you will get no Reply from @lucky.andrei . He has passed away not long ago. Sadly missed but still with us virtualy. Andrei was more of a Coding Person. A mix up with Roman Numerals is quite common and a bit of a standing Joke. He may have done that to be Provocative. He had that kind of sence of humor as far as I know. Well spotted.
You are finding your way around this community OK. There are lots of gems just laying on the surface but you have to have a good scout around. Sometimes a Topic loses its initial Thread and the Title becomes irrelevant . If you see something that has Intresting bits in it. Bookmark it. I presume you have found the Tracker.

Going through tutorials and topics on here I am getting better at search keywords and visual result filtering for finding stuff.
Quite pleased to have 55 syncs in the last few days of plaing about.

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Down at the bottom of this page you have options for notifications on the Topic. I switch on Tracking if I am Intrested. I think if you contribute the Tracking is Automatic.
WELL done with the Syncs took me Months to get that many.