Has any normal users gotten to 3000 synks in a month to be a Premium designer

My pleasure, I threw you a follow because I’m excited to see what you come up with. Also I think your expecting face is was interesting. I’m expecting my first born in about 3idh weeks. Best of luck my friend.

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I like your designs. Its taboo to talk about other apps and services. But you should check out samsung. Im on their site as well. If you are really serious.

I’m not sure which part of Samsung you are referring to.

I think 3x3000 is a reasonable ask. I don’t know about the 30 day limit though.

I still wonder how many female smartwatch owners use Facer on the regular. They remain my main target audience, and I will not give up my design principles just to farm syncs.


Interesting comment, I imagine women buy them more and I could be wrong but I notice women with them more while out and about. I think they buy them for the step counter. I also have family members who are super into the step counting apps in phones but do not want to constantly have their phones on them while working so they get smart watches. Very interesting.

Here is one interesting comment from @roycaruso about the syncs number from another discussion:

"This face just hit 2,500 syncs in only 3 or 4 days."

Vulcan Firestorm (Animated)

Very impressive from my point of view!


@Tomas thanks!! :slight_smile: it’s definitely possible if you really leverage social media and regularly update your designs based on feedback (haven’t had a chance to follow @jmorga106 's great recommendations yet, but I will as soon as I get a day off). Getting featured is a HUGE boost. Having a presence in the community here seems to help too. Also, just in case, I wasn’t bragging - It was definitely in the context of the conversation haha see here:

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Hi @roycaruso, I thing that such kind of information (how many syncs are possible to get in a period of time) is very useful and it motivates a lot.

I checked my (manually prepared) statistic right now and the best day of my best watch face was 519 syncs in a day. However it was during the winter festival season. Later on I will publish even more date I collected as a “non premium” guy additionally to my last post about my watch face disasters :wink:

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Thanks for the input. Now I know it isnt impossible. And I see the factors that may have contributed to your sucess. You have 200 plus designs uploaded and you make great designs. (Not to say that you just now became a premium user so this could have happened some time ago.) But Thanks for the insite.

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I think 3x3000 is a reasonable ask. I don’t know about the 30 day limit though.
I still wonder how many female smartwatch owners use Facer on the regular. They remain my main target audience, and I will not give up my design principles just to farm syncs.



Can’t share too much, but can tell you that the ratio of women on smartwatches and on Facer is increasing. Things are looking up!


I’m glad :slight_smile:
Nice! I should pop up some of my manually collected data too - if enough people do we could identify trends and the factors that contribute to popular designs.


Speaking of, can I get you guys to check out my designs?!

Feel free to leave me feedback so I know what you guys think!

I often consider what women would appreciate, what do you think of my most recent women’s design? Try it out and leave me some feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I think its okay with that criteria about 3000 syncs in 3 weeks. It is makeable. I want to get Premium-Designer Status in Future, already have some different watchfaces that reached that goal. It depends on a lot of factors how much syncs you get. Even been featured by facer isn´t any guarantee that the watch face gets famous.

Greetings, Phantasico (GAUSS)


That’s true, when starting this journey the faces that I thought were going to be super popular didn’t get much recognition. My designs are constantly evolving and I’ve only been doing this for a short period but I’m starting to get into my grove I think. Only 500 syncs on my most popular face but that’s a big step in the right direction. My goal is also to make premium here but end game goal is to make one of my digital designs into a real analog watch. I’m super excited for everything that happens in between. Best of luck to you all!

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If your intrested in selling your faces you can setup a dev license with play and be setup in a day. I’ve been playing with Gear Watch Designer recently (galaxy apps & Tizen), the license to the market place is free and I set it up in an hour or so. I’m not looking to sell things but I’m under the assumption that there are plenty of platforms available if you want to jump in. Facer feels more like a utility/fun geared platform that apparently pays you if you mess around and design good stuff. I like it so far…

I don’t know about other designers, but the syncs of my faces are not indicating that, so I’ve slowed down. There does not seem to be as much demand for my style as there was when I first joined here. I’ve noticed that women are buying more watches, but not with changeable faces. They track fitness and phone, but are priced lower without all the bells and whistles that more expensive watches offer.

Yes. Seems logical. My wife also only owns a simple fitbit watch.

Maybe it needs more public promotion…

„A watch for every purpose. Elegante for the dinner party, sportif at the fitness studio, colourful at the shopping tour …“

Best would be customable faces matching to the current outfit. (Saw that in a video already…)

If smart watches get fashion status the number of female owners maybe will increase.

A promotion-campaign could help … like Zalando …

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I agree 100%. It’s not even that women prefer a sporty look. Some of the simple watches are very pretty. They are just limited to basic functions. One of the reasons I’m here is so I could have faces for different occasions to coordinate with different outfits, because the selection that came with my watch didn’t thrill me. You’re right. Perhaps the flexibility and variety needs to be promoted, or perhaps it takes a techie type of woman to appreciate full function smartwatches.
I don’t know… I just got to thinking out loud about all this as I was analyzing my sync slump.