Having a battery charge indicated by a small hand

This is my problem. I would graphically represent the charge of the watch battery with a small moving hand in 2 different scenery :
A) Small hand indicating battery power inside a full circle
B) Small hand indicating battery power inside a half circle
I tried inserting a lot of tags, expressions [#BLN# / *(-150+(#BLN# 3)) ] in the rotation field, but with no success.:unamused:
May someone tell me which are the right formulas i have to use? Must i insert tags/formulas in the rotation field?

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Did you check out that amazing tuto ?

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Yes, was the first thing i did. What says the tuto works for a circle of 300 degrees. I tried the formula over one of 360 trying too to adapt the formula, but…nothing. It works no more :unamused:

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This is the formula I use for a 360 deg battery gauge hand. I don’t remember who’s post it was to begin with that I copied from or I would credit them.

"Dial using second hand function change rotation value to (360-((#BLN#*3.6)-0)) 
will spin clockwise going down in battery %. Change to (360+((#BLN#*3.6)-0)) 
for anti-clockwise function."

Hope this helps you out!

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Could you post a picture of your design or publish a draft ?
You need first to initialize your hand to the “zero” position with an appropriate angle x. then the rotation formulae for a full circle (360°) looks like (clockwise):
Same principle for half a circle (180°):

Thx verry much for your help. I tried the expressions you have suggested to me and…they work in a great way :smiley:
Wonderful. Another small request. If i use half of a circle 180° instead of a full circle 360° can i presume that replacing in the expression 360 with 180 it will works anyway? Let me know, if you like.
By the way i’m a fan of yours and onr of yours followers :blush:
Have a nice day

Thx for your reply. Being a beginner i do not understand “You need first to initialize your hand to the “zero” position with an appropriate angle x”. How can i do this? :blush: Can you explain?
I attach a picture with an image of the full circle and half circle i would use.
Thx again, have a nice day

Full circle is the middle left and half is bottom right

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This is also from a Facer Community post and I didn’t document the original post’s author or I would credit him. (I take a lot of notes by copy and pasting the information into text files)

  1. Firstly you should understand that Facer sees the top point of a dial/circle as 0 degrees.
  1. Next, you need to work out the angle position of your markers for 0% battery level and 100% battery level. In my example above, the 0% marker (red) is -90 degrees from the top of the dial and the 100% marker is +90 degrees from the top of the dial. This means in total the hand has to rotate 180 degrees (90 degrees from -90 to 0, then 90 degrees from 0 to +90)
  1. Next, the battery is represented as a percentage, which means it has 100 x 1% increments. To work out how far the hand has to rotate for each 1%, we divide the total rotation amount (180) by 100 which gives us 1.8 degrees (180/100=1.8). So we now know the hand has to rotate 1.8 degrees for each 1% increment of the battery level.
  1. Now we can put the formula together:

(START ANGLE POSITION +/- (BATTERY PERCENT NUMBER * 1.8) or (-90 + ( #BLN# * 1.8) )

As a note, don’t use any spaces in the actual formula. The spaces shown above are just to keep the Facer Community forum from clipping out parts of the formula. (I’ve learned this from past experience) Doing a half one with the zero on the left and the full on the right it would look exactly like the example above after the word “or” without any spaces between the brackets. And of course place it in the rotation box.


Oaky !

Left hand:
Select the corresponding picture and paste the formula below in “Rotation”

Right Hand:
Select the corresponding picture and paste the formula below in “Rotation”
NB:1 Look like this one isn’t well initially positioned. You may play around the value “-90” by testing.
NB2: the max value is 72 ??? it should be rather 100…

Hi @jeberuth

I’ve been following this post and reading the comments, you and @mrantisocialguy did a great job on the formulas

I just want to clarify the “72” on the picture submitted by @mauriziosignorini1, the number refers to the maximum hours that the real watch will stop at if not worn because it is automatic

A lot of the watch makers use hours rather than % to show power reserve in the watch



Many thanks @ozarour !
72 … hrs! … it makes sense now :slight_smile:

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Thx very much for your patience and your help. Now all is working at his best :grinning:
I’m happy now.
Thx again, have a great day

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Thx so much for your help and patience. As i told i’m a beginner. I presume i have a long way to do in front of me :blush:
About 72, i saw that ozarour gave a reply to both of us
Thx again, have a nice day

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