Hello, I am new user of Smart Watch

Hello I only started using smart watch very recently. And then I found Facer!
After hours scouring many many beautiful watch faces, I looked into designing my own at least for now it’s only for private use.

I went reading in this forum for some of the feature I liked and want to thank everyone that contributed to the post Moon Phase formula - updated and Modified set of images for Moon Phase, Weather & Battery Icon’s. I was able to create a much wanted moon phase watch for myself!

Also want to thank @pandaKrusher for his tutorial on https://community.facer.io/t/create-fonts-in-colour/81048. I went with option 1 and created my own negative space font. Would love to hear your thoughts!


Brilliant . Good Start . Be Aware you may be in Danger of Becoming Obsessed . But Oh what Fun . On your Transparent test . Many would have the image / rainbow in the background rotating , scrolling or zooming . Just Saying . Enjoy .


Thank you @russellcresser. Already obsessed, LOL! As soon as I figure out how to move my image (rainbow) around I might try it.


Welcome to the community! You’ll find people very willing to help with questions or if you get stuck on how to do something.


A cool start, CJ! Now that you’ve got the code down, remember the opaque part of the digits doesn’t have to be a solid color. And that background image can do all kinds of fun things like rotate or dance around. You’ve done the hard part, now you can get crazy with cosmetics!


Thank you @brian.bontrager! I’ve noticed that people are real helpful here :slight_smile:

@pandaKrusher As soon as I figure out how to move my pictures around I’d definitely give it a try! Thank you for the encouragement!

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Hello, to give the colorful background simplest motion, you can make it spin with the seconds. For example like this:


Can I just say please do not type | . That is the Cursor . It does something else in Code and will cause a NOP.


Clockwise Rotation


Anti Clockwise Rotation

The Minus makes it go the other way .
Sometimes to get a good understanding of what is happening put those codes in a Text box in a seperate layer . Conversely apply you maths to the rotation of a seconds hand and give the time machine a slide .

WHEN I first started I sent an email to little Labs saying how to make mt seconds hand Ticky rather than smooth . in those days we got Emails back .





Be Aware not many Tags can be Deconstructed .


Welcome @cj5159 you’ve come to the right place- you should read every post here working from the latest backwards. Anything you can possibly think of has been done by the people here, but understand that some of the early posts show methods of achieving something because there was no tag at that time and since then Facer have introduced tags that do the same. A good example of this are the moon phase tags which Facer introduced a whole load of related tags! The more you read and ask sensible questions the more you learn and the more you become obsessed! Like your watchfaces by the way.


Thank you all for the suggestions, I’ll keep at it :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, have fun creating!


I took all your advice and went back to the design, and published it. I got 25 syncs on the first day, and that is 5 times more than I was expecting!

Special thanks to @petruuccios and @pandaKrusher for the moving background ideas.
And many many thanks to @russellcresser for keeping me sane, especially after I threatened to rage quit after the transparency edge insanity.


Good work and progress! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Hey Cj … A little late too the welcome party but here i am (: Welcome too the community. Glad u are here and also love your watchfaces. Lot of good people here u will love it here… (: