Modified set of images for Moon Phase, Weather & Battery Icon's

I have taken the set of very nice default hand drawn images from the Moon Phase tool and modified them to produce a set where the full moon is bright and the new moon is dim.

New moon:

Waxing Crescent:

First Quarter:

Waxing Gibbous:

Full moon:

Waning Gibbous:

Last Quarter:

Waning Crescent:

Follow the link below to see an example:

To replace the images in the tool follow these steps.

  1. click on the moon phase object in the left browser window
  2. click on the advanced icon at the bottom of the screen ( looks like a spaceship )
  3. scroll down the right hand window that pops up until you find the image you want to replace
  4. hover your mouse over the image and when the cross appears in the top right hand corner click on the mouse to delete the image
  5. click again in the empty square and upload your image

Having done that, scroll back up to the top to resize and re-position the tool to where you want it.


More great resources, thank you for this. Especially the instructions for replacement.


Thank you, think I’ve sussed it now, :slight_smile:

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Thank @mikeoday

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Here’s some new weather Icons…


More realistic Moon Phases…


A battery gage for every 2%


These are cool.

To help people find them it might be worth creating a unique thread with weather icons in the title and either re-posting the images in the new thread or posting a link to this one.


These gauge images are very nice.

Before the nice Facer guys provided the new progress indicator, using images like these was a good way ( only way (?)) to show progress like info. With the new progress indicator it is now possible to do something like this with just a few layers.

You would need a foreground mask layer which has all of the progress steps cut-out as holes/windows in the layer. And then one or more progress indicator layers sitting underneath it to light up the windows above it as the progress changes.

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I used that method for my step goal gage in my Running Man watch


Another manna from Australia :slight_smile:
I will make good use of it, I hope.

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This is an awesome thread, Cant wait to try some of these replacements.


What image formats can be used for Moon Phase images?

I use GIF files as they allow transparent areas. I am not sure what other formats you can use.

I’ve tried gif png and jpg - keeps saying “Invalid file type”

Mmm, have you tried saving the images at the top of the thread and using them as a test? They should work.

So how does one add some dynamic text next to the moon phase icon, like “waxing” or “waning” or even “wax-on/wax-off”

You would use an expression that represents the phase of the moon and then use the result of the expression to choose between two different the two different text values.

You could use the expression here:

The result is a real number in the range 0 to 1, where 0 means the moon is new, 0.5 means it is full, etc.

The test would be:

expression <= 0.5 means waxing, and > 0.5 waning.

So, place a text object where you want it and then set the text value in the advanced window to:


I hope that helps.


Thank you very much for sharing!

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