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Brand new to all of this. I only got a smartwatch two days ago!

So why am I already in here? Because I want to find a 24-hour analog clock (with noon at the noon position!) and that does not seem to exist!? Maybe I will find it here, or maybe I will learn to build one myself.


Welcome to the Community Ben, lots to learn here, and plenty of helpful people too.
There’s plenty of 24 Hour Analogue Faces out there, you’ll just need to find them :eyes:, but creating your own would be far more satisfying :smiley:


Thank you - yes, I need to find them…!


This is the closest thing I have to what you are looking for. It is a recreation of a cold war era Minuteman Missile silo clock used by the U.S. government. Sadly, its top spot is midnight with noon at the bottom. MAG 1236

I have several other analog faces but they are 12 hour with an additional 24 hour sub-dial and the newer ones have the noon position at the top of the sub-dial. You can see all my analog faces in my Analog and Hybrids Collection .


Would it be possible to basically turn that MAG 1236 upside down? Of course just the hour hand…

The Russian “Sputnik” wristwatches did it right:


Yes, I can do that, but with the schedule I’m on for publishing watch faces it will be at least 2 months before I can get it published. Unless I switch up on my numbering system. I have some made that doesn’t matter what number they publish with. I’ll see if I can do some number swapping and get it published faster. I will let you know the name (number) of the face and an approximate date for publishing it.

@ben_smurf I have done some switching around and your requested changes will be published as MAG 1987 in about a week. Here’s what it will look like.


Check this, I could not resist and put something else aside to stitch this fast together. Maybe you will like.


@petruuccios not like you to Jump at a Short Order . Nice one . I hope @ben_smurf is Pleased with that . I like noon at 12 O’Clock .

Welcome @ben_smurf if you are a bit of a Lunatic you might like this .


Guys, you are amazing wizards! :heart_eyes:

It looks like I hit a good nerve with this suggestion, at least judging by your eager, quick, and beautiful creations. All three of your watch faces are impressive, each in their own way.

  • @mrantisocialguy MAG 1987 is exactly what I thought of when I saw your original design - well done!
  • I like @petruuccios elegant simplicity the most.
  • The added complications on @russellcresser 's design is cool too, especially the date and battery in the middle.

I want to try them all out, and I am trying to figure out why “send to watch” isn’t cooperating. I am looking through the troubleshooting page to see what’s going on. I am trying from my laptop, and from my phone, both using Firefox. I also :heart: marked your designs and try to find these favorites in the phone or watch apps, but I guess they aren’t actually published yet.

Your work is so nice! I can’t believe you just went ahead and built these. Thank you so much!!


Interesting, I’ve had a pair of vintage 24-hour Soviet watches in my queue to recreate… both have noon at the bottom, but that would be a very easy fix.

Ha Ha @ben_smurf . You picked a Day . I have not been able to sync a face when I want all day . Poor old Marvin ( Facer Bot ) has obviously got Hiccups . All the faces shown above are Published hence the Blue sync button Grey if it is a Draft. If You Click on the Name of the Watch you go to Preview Page where you may be able to click on the little rocket on the left if it is there and Inspect the face to see how it was made .
The Enthusiasm you have encountered is the general mode of the community . The only problem is Time Zone . We all tend to sleep at different times .
Thanks for you comment on the Face I Flagged up . Please note the Moon Phase is Active and not Facer Basics . Also the Face was made over a Year ago now got 11 syncs on that one .

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@petruuccios I noticed a typo :wink: The number 22 says 20.


Haha, just my luck that the system is having a day off today :laughing: but okay, maybe it’s celebrating July 4th?

I am learning already. Thank you for the tips you provided!! This enthusiasm is very much unlike Internet in general, happy to see such a great community!

got 11 syncs

Is that a popularity metric? Like number of app downloads?

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Ha Ha Peter you were testing us and we failed .

The Popular faces have several thousands I Believe ( Syncs ). You Have to get 5000 in a month as one of the Qualifications to become a Partner . Then one of the others is you wait to be Invited . In the Mean time you pay your subscription and make a Substantial commitment Here . I decided I have a cats chance . It would be easier to get into Haven , Oh well that might happen .

So these faces are made with the pro editor that requires a subscription to use, yes? As a hobby that fee is not so bad, but it amounts to a lot over time. Yeah, in the end it’s all about money, isn’t it? Facer is just a company, can’t run without money.

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No Mate MAG, Peter and Myself are Free MAKERS. Most of our work is Free. The premium stuff has an Orange Sync Button. You have to subscribe to get them . There are litraly thousands of free Faces ready to sync. Many are Inspectable.

thanks, fixed :sweat_smile:


I just upgraded to the Pro level so I could make watch faces with touch activated options. Just wanted to give it a try. I’ve still not decided on keeping it or not. I paid for a full year for two reasons. One it’s cheaper than paying monthly for 12 months and 2, if I haven’t gotten “sold” on it in a year’s time it’s probably not ever going to happen. But compared to my other hobby of Amateur Ham Radio, it’s pretty cheap. $49 for a year compared to the $120 I just spent last month on a dual band two meter/70-centimeter radio antenna for the house.

Like @russellcresser said, the blue sync button faces are free, the yellow/orange ones are paid, and the grey ones have not been published yet for the public.

@petruuccios You should have seen all the typos I created and then corrected while converting MAG 1236 into MAG 1897. I was confusing myself because I had to change all the numbers and the labels for each of the elements.