Help for a 24 h ring

Hi to all. I would need some help with a rotating 24 h ring.
I did in a hurry this horrible thing just as an experiment

I would have liked to have the 24 h ring that moves in accordance with the hands. I used the formula
-#DWFHS# and…of course does not work. Hands indicate an hour and the ring a completely different hour.
Which formula should i use to get the ring moving in the right way?

I would realize one thing more. I would have the hour ring which acts like a GMT ring using VAR Increment and VAR Decrement to have 1h + or 1h -, but I have not the faintest idea about the formula i should use.
I’m not a mathematician at all. Someone could give to me the right formula?
Thanks in advance for any help

Try position 160 / 160 - for the ring (assuming it’s a unique element). If not, use this…

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For the timezone change, use something like this for rotation field:
(0+(x * #Var_1#))
… where X is the set amount of degrees it should rotate depending on how many you have on your rotating disc.
If, for example, you have 12 timezones, then 360/12 = 30 degrees for each + or - change, then your code would look like this:
(0(30 * #Var_1#)

Hope this helps - I could not check it as I’m currently not running premium so these options are unavailable to me. Shout out if you have any issues.

EDIT: Here’s solution to your issue with rotating the 24h ring:

The reason for the issue is that the original image does not have midnight at 0 degrees (or in other words, in the top of the ring) but it’s at 3 o’clock:

To fix it, you simply need to substract the extra 45 degrees.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking all over the Internet for the font you have on this ring - is it possible you could share the name?

Din condensed.

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Richard, would you mind reproducing that Ring above please, but with ALL the Numbers facing inwards, ie. 07-17 rotated 180 degrees?

Does this help?

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That font looks more like the microsquare (which is paid), than any din variant

Hi @richard2
Thanks for your help. I have appreciated a lot. I solved my first problem with the help of @akar.zaephyr
it was a question of orientation regarding my hours ring.
I have appreciated your 24 h ring and i have downloaded it for future use.
Thank you very much.
About my 2nd question, no idea how to make a gmt dial?

Hi @ThaMattie
Thank you very much for your help. I solved my first question with the aid of @akar.zaephyr . Was an orientation problem of my hours ring.
I have appreciated very very much your dial and i have downloaded it for future use. Thank you again.
Some idea about my 2nd question?

Hi @akar.zaephyr
Thank you a lot for your help. With your formula (-#DWFHS#-45) and playing a bit with -45 i have solved my 1st problem.
I tried also the formula (0+(30 * #Var_1#) but this does’nt works. When i click the VAR Increment or VAR Decrement buttons, the ring does not move.
As a track i can say to you how i have realized a digital GMT dial or an analog GMT dial.
Fort he analog dial after having created the 2 VAR points (Increment & Decrement) i put in the rotation field of hour hand (#DWFKS#+(#VAR_1#*30)) for a 12 h dial (#DWFHS#+(#VAR_1#*15)) for a 24 h dial.
In this way when i tap on VAR + or VAR - i move the hours hand +/- 1h

For the Digital dial (always after having added the 2 VAR points i put in the text field
(#DH#+#VAR_1#):#DmZ#:#DsZ# so tapping VAR +/- i can go back and forth 1 h at a time
I hope you can help me again.
Thanks very very much again

Could you post what you have now (with open inspection)?
I’m not 100% sure what you are trying to achieve.

OK, my code (0+(30 * #Var_1#) assumed that the time zone ring is set against a pointer at 12 o-clock thus 0 is our orientation point. I may have been too quick in my assumption of it so let’s start from scratch: how would you like your time zone ring to display time? Against a set point of your watch face, or relative to hour needle, following its rotation and adjusting to time zone difference per Variable 1?

Hi @ThaMattie & @akar.zaephyr
I try to reply to both of you with a post. I did another face with VAR points in place This makes the face “premium” but being Draft I think anyone can see it. Inspector mode is on.

My first published face, that i renamed Double Dial, also have inspector mode active.
Now, coming to what @akar.zaephyr asked for i try to explain better what i would do.
The actual face has the 24 h ring that moves in accordance with hours hand.
I would do another face where i can adjust at my will (1h+ / 1h-) the 24 h ring.
Of course the triangular index underneat 12 is fixed. Tapping at 3 (VAR Increment) I would like the 24 h disc rotated by 1 hour + Tapping at 9 ( VAR -) I would like the 24 h disc rotated by 1 hour -
This done the ring should continue its normal rotation, but with 1 h difference from the hours hand
Please, if I have been unclear, ask for further explanations
Many many thanks for your help
P.S. if I could reborn I would study a lot of math instead of literature. LOL

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Hey Petruuccios, you’re right - i was thinking of the design I was working on. I think it’s Eurostyle - I’ll dig up the old design and post the asset diavo is after later this morning. Cheers. Rich

Gotcha, you can use this as the rotation:
((#VAR_1#*360/-24)-#DWFHS#-44) or ((#VAR_1#*-15)-#DWFHS#-44) for short (but I always use the long ones so I remember what I was thinking when I made the expression).

Hi @ThaMattie
I have always known that you are a mathematical genius. Thanks Very Very much !!
Now all works at his best. I have appreciated a lot the time you spent on me.
I used the long formula as you suggested
Have a nice day

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rough 24-hour ring, orientated for view at ‘6’, as promised. A little rough…


Hi @richard2

Great work. Thanks

I thought we could only publish 500x500 px .png max on here ?
Is it a problem if it is white on transparent ?

640x640 works as png as well