Help for chrono countdown with minute hand

Hi to all
Here again looking for help and always fighting with chrono functions
. I had in mind to make a dial with a hand that would count down from 0 minutes to 10.
I made a bad moke up just to exemplify and Russel @russellcresser came to my aid by making this very well done design and the original formula.

Being Russel a non premium user I intervened by modifying his formula with chrono functions, and it seems to work. This is the modified project

I would say that I am halfway to what I wanted to achieve, that is:

  1. An automatic stop when the hand reaches 10, that is the end of the run. Even if i don’t click START/STOP ( now i have not)
  2. A selectable starting point in increments / decrements of 1/2 minute, more or less as i do to change the hour in a GMT hand, using VAR INCREMENT/DECREMENT. (now i have not)
    Problem is that…i don’t know how i could do this.
    VAR is correct? Which formula should i enter?
    May be someone can help me? Thanks in advance

Hi @diavo,

I don’t have Pro anymore, but for stopping at 10, I think you need the CLAMP function. It will keep the hand at 10, but the chrone will keep running internally. For what you need that seems enough.
As for the starting point to increase, I’d imagine you use the value of a VAR to add to the rotation.

It’s not dials, not “chrono”, but maybe inspecting this test of mine could help you figure things out:

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Intresting Sample @ThaMattie. Fascinated by the Big White Number. I wonder how you get to show us a test with VAR on but you are not subscribed.

I guess it is a copy or old project from active pro times

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exactly :wink:
I’ve had Pro for 1 month a long time ago. You can’t add new Pro stuff but you can still edit them when you no longer have Pro.


I should have guessed that .

Hi @ThaMattie
Your help is always precious for me. I thank you. Now let’s look at the matter
If the hand stays on 10 and internally the chrono keeps running, as you say, this is sufficient.
But…here i’m in trouble. Your example is digital and i’m working in analog. So. referring to my TIMER TEST MOKEUP, to have the minutes hand staying at 10, when it reaches that point, which formula have i to insert and where?
Could you take a look at my project and suggest how and where i have to modify the minutes hand values? I will appreciate. Of course you will have seen that inspection is open.
Let’s go now to the selectable starting point. Here is one of my faces with chrono and GMT hour selectable with increments of 1h

Being draft you can play with it even if involves premium features. Inspection open.
Let’s forget the padlock that locks unlocks the adjustments. I do not need it.
You can see how i can increment/decrement the hour hand 1h at a time
I would have the same thing applied to minute hand, with increments/decrements of 1/2 minute; or if it is easier 1 minute at a time.
You should have the patience to refer everything to a hand, so in analog letting me know which formula i have to insert where.
I know i’m abusing and apologize for this. I have little or no math experience and often i try to do things beyond my ability.
If you can help i will appreciate a lot. Of course when you have time and it suits you. I’m not in a hurry
Thx very much for what you did till now
Have a nice day

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It is not that complicated math. Circle has 360°. Looks like your scala for 10 min is 240° long that makes 24° times each VAR increment.
I do not know where you want the hand to point at beginning or where at the end.

I think i have discovered where is the problem.
To have a minute hand working as a chrono hand (referred to my design) i have to insert in rotation:
To have an adjustable (+/- 1h) hour hand (in the specific case minutes) i must insert in rotation
Both commands, chrono & minutes adjustment must be inserted in the same field, but…or one or another.
Indeed if i use one command at a time all works fine.
Probably i should use a mix of the 2 commands in a unique command line.
What about?

Hi @petruuccios
Thanks for your interest.
So the starting point is the first big dot on the left and the ending point should be the last big dot on the right.
When the hand reaches the final point should stop there automatically or, as @ThaMattie said " I think you need the CLAMP function. It will keep the hand at 10, but the chrono will keep running internally. For what you need that seems enough"
I updated the moke up desigm

0 is in correspondence of h 4 in the main dial
10 is in correspondence of h 8 in the main dial

@petruuccios i forgot. It seems obvious, anyway the small dots represent half minutes

lets start easy. as i wrote earlier in your case the wedge for 10min seems like 240°
so each min the hand has to turn 24°. Now we also know it will start 120° before the upright position in which it is painted.
try this and in a while we can continue

Do you want the hand to have two functions, like either showing hours or on occasion show the timer?
then you would need two same looking hands, each displayed with another var tag (for example #VAR_2#) in opacity or position outside dial.

now to not turn it any further lets use the mentioned function (clamp((#SWEM#*24-120), -120, 120))

@ThaMattie I do not mean to Hijack this topic . But I was looking at the Maths for the HRS MIN SEC on your Countdown Timer . WOW . I would just like to know how =1>0 works in the
#VAR_2#%2=1>0 part of the formula . I have seen the structure before but only copy and pasted it . Thanks In Advance .

Nah, jk, pretty sure it is actually a copy/paste typo thing that should have just been #VAR_2#%2=1. This produces a 0 or 1, so 0>0 is also 0 (false) and 1>0 is true, so the same result…


but why would you add the comparison? (any integer)%2 gives 0 or 1 on its own.

to get a bool, this returns true/false instead of 0/1. The latter has issues on some watches.

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Cool . Much appreciated . So it looks like good Syntax to the Platform but it means nothing. I understand =1 and >1 separate. By the way I use $#BLN#>0?100:0$ to dismiss Gauge Hands and indicators when there is no number otherwise they are shown at the Drawn Position . You probably know that one , I just thought I would throw it in the Box.

yeah, that’s correct in that case, because that is also true or false

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