Help making an image bounce

Hey guys,

So i’m trying ot use sines and cosines to make an image bounce (like a small ball bouncing up and down at regular intervals) But i cant seem to control the time well. What im looking is for the image ot bounce once every 1-2 seconds, no more than two or three x positions up and down. But i cant seem to get anything more than once a minute- is it because im using #DWFSS#?

Is there a good expression to use specifically for this kind of movement?

This sounds like a job for @Tomas!


Yes, put simply the tag #DWFSS# provides rotation of 0…359° over 60 seconds (a minute).

If you want to try to solve this yourself, start with #DWFSS#*2 (then with #DWFSS#*4) …

If you want to see sin(rad( x )) for circular and ellipsoid movement, check out this tutorial:

Including my demo:

Then move on to ‘bounce decay’ and rotation (for bouncing object):

ball.translateX = time * 5

ball.translateY = 6 * abs(sin(time*3))

From: Expressions - Sine Wave function for bouncing

Hi @celes.meh, great question and thanks for recomendation from @Facer_Official :wink: This guy in your animated gif looks almost like me except the hairs :wink:

Anyway, I do think that the answer (another approach as @andrew.dowden describe) could help some more designers. Therefore I will prepare in minutes a new TOMAJA Micro Tutorial and post a Link here too.

Stay tuned :+1:


…and here is the link to the mini / micro tutorial :wink:


SO i used your tutorial and ended up with about #DWFSS#*65, It turns out i hadnt gone high enough before! that said i also really liked @Tomas solution- Thank you so much for your help!!

AMAZING micro tutorial! thank you!

Happy to assist …

I played around after reviewing the @Tomas tutorial. Specifically, I used abs(sin(rad( x ))) for a fixed ground plane.

Let me know if you need anything else …


Thank you so much! I just finished the face i was working on where i wanted to use this!


Any chance you could turn on inspection mode? Thanks!

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Can do! sorry im on vacation so ive been snorkeling all morning!


Sorry, it wasn’t ‘finished’. And, I was still pondering adding decay …

Inspection enabled. :innocent: