[TOMAJA Micro Tutorial] Speed of Your Moving Objects

According to a great question from @celes.meh here and a recommendation from @Facer_Official ;), I prepared next micro tutorial with a simple expression you could just “copy & paste” to reach your movement with speed you like. You could use it for moving, shaking, bouncing, flying, rolling, etc.

The result as short video sequence e.g.

Here is the secret formula :wink: with explanation:

And here would be the same for copy & paste:

(160+( * 20 * (sin(((#DNOW#/1000) * 2 * pi))))))

Do you :heart: this way of mini tutorials?


as always, a very useful guide

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Thank you! I really liked how you labled this! Seriously, labeling each number with its corresponding adjustment is incredibly useful!!
if its ok, may i aks why you used #DNOW# instead of something like #DWFSS# ?

Very simple, and straight forward.

@Tomas: please move the ‘*’ to after the 20 for “copy & paste”.

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Wow very clear this way… Thank you very much…Im going to have to play with this one a bit.

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Thanks for this, I corrected it. :wink:

Hi, the advantage of #DNOW# is the continuity through the whole day. This number is growing only. The #DWFSS# starts every secont at 0 and so its hadrer to handle a smooth moving with this tag. :wink:


Thanks a lot @Tomas.

I like you micro tutorials. Very clear and helpful!

Another great tutorial, @Tomas. I have so much fun with these! Thank you!

Another great tutorial @Tomas

Hi @rarest, @celes.meh, @andrew.dowden, @selia67, @GAUSS, @Linlay, @jmorga106… Thanks a lot for your nice feedback… See you soon at another topic :wink: