Help with multiple touch options

Hey, I’m trying to make a watch face that has multiple touchable buttons that displays the effect of each individual button. So when I touch one button the previous display disappears and the new one is visible, and so on. I have tried this with the toggle option but it seems only to toggle between two options. I want to be able to randomly choose an option with the previous option disappears.

Any help would be appreciated!

be patient and hope some partners help you , we are mostly free creators with no pro features


I don’t know if I fully understand your intent, but you should see if you can accomplish with the VAR Increment instead of VAR toggle. Toggle only gives you on/off options. Increment lets you cycle through a series of states. Instead of $#VAR_1#==0?100:0$ it becomes $(#VAR_1#%5)==0?100:0$ where %5 is however many states you want there to be. state 0 is the first state. I myself don’t know how to code anything to randomize. But you can use this to cycle through choices 1-5.