Hours minutes colored

How to get gradient color in hours and minutes clock …thank

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See if you can post some sort of picture of what you are talking about . Sounds like you ar talking about an inverted font .


Thanks for flagging the Tutorial @petruuccios . I have not sse that before .

Thank for reply but look at pic for what i mean

I mean the same. I gave you link to discussion about ways to do it using Facer.
There are even inspectable examples there, which you can open in creator mode and study from inside how they were done.

In principle you make or find font that has transparent openings in form of digits and use it for text as a mask above your desired gradient or pattern or animation or whatever graphics, which then can be seen trough those “holes”.

Or you make 10 images with gradient digits, place them in 4 places and switch them visible on given time with expressions.

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Thank you but i didn’t find this design can you please pass me link

Link is in thread in my first answer. Seems you did not open that thread to read yet.

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