How long to hear back?

I know, from another thread that it’s not up to the designer, but rather Facer to issue refunds.

I would argue again, that it’s a reasonable expectation from a consumer’s/layperson’s, point of view, that if a watch says that it displays in both 12 and 24 hr formats, that one should be able to safely assume that ALL time displays will reflect that format.

How on Earth would a layperson know about tags, that a designer can use one tag for one time display, and a different tag for a different time display on the same face?

Mind you, I’m not arguing with you or venting at you… I’m not shooting the messenger. Frankly I’m hoping Facer support is reading, lol.

I can assure you that if they don’t give me a refund, I’ll never purchase another face/bundle ever again.

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That display saying 12/24 format is also something that we as designers can’t control. Those feature set indicators automatically appear when certain tags are present. So I’m sure that face does display the time in 12 or 24. A tag is used on the time layer to make that happen, So therefore that little indicator appears.

I’m not suggesting that a consumer should be aware of all this, I’m just explaining why you’re seeing what you’re seeing. I kind of agree with you that one should be able to assume that all time related elements would be 12/24, but I’m not 100% with you on that. I actually have never paid attention to those little icons/descriptors. I really on reading the designer’s description and testing the features out in the web preview. Though you can also preview any premium face on your own watch for free for a few minutes before it deletes itself.

I have been asking for a long time for there to be an interactive preview in the Android app too like there is on the web.


I definitely appreciate you taking the time to discuss this with me.

I currently have 17x $1.99 faces in my favorite’s list, as well as 3x Premium only faces, and was going to buy the Premium subscription. The introduction price is only $20 for the first year, so that’s a no brainer.

However, I’m not pulling the trigger on that until I see if Facer is a reputable company, and does the right thing.

It’s not the money but the principle.

I paid a designer here, (who can’t get paid for his faces because he’s not qualified to access the “premium” creator tool… or whatever it’s called), $50 to design a custom face for me.

I felt his time, effort, and talent, honed over who knows how long… plus saving me who knows how long were I try to learn all of this, was well worth that money.

Not to mention that I generally rotate through 10 or so of his faces, lol… which are all free.

So, I’m no tightwad with money, but I do believe in getting my money back when I think something isn’t working correctly.


Just to be clear, is the watch face that you want a refund for from a Facer Partner or was it created by someone who calls himself a “designer”.

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I’m the one calling everyone who designs these watch faces “designers.”

I’m not sure what you all call yourselves, lol.

All I know is there was a bundle of his work, 15 faces, for sale.

He’s got a little white star in a yellow background next to his name. That’s the refund I want.

The designer whom I engaged to create a custom face didn’t want money, but I wasn’t allowing that, lol.

I actually talked him into creating a PayPal account so I could pay him.

That watch face is available to everyone, but he can’t charge for it; it’s free.

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Perhaps @Facer_Official could chip in on this one and try put a Positive Spin on it .


I know from firsthand experience that the 12/24 sunrise sunset tags are a quagmire. I’ve discovered just like @kvansant did that the #WSUNRISE# and #WSUNSET# tags force you to have AM/PM. I’ve also discovered that the 24-hour verson of those tags has a leading zero for sunrise even though the creator and the online example of a watch face with it does not show the leading zero. Samsung Tizen also doesn’t show a leading zero, but WearOS does on the watch.

I’ve started using the tags for sunrise & sunset hour and minutes for the 12-hour versions, but I’ve learned that some older WearOS watches (I believe it was a Sunnto) won’t show any of those tags and will only show the main 12/24-hour versions listed in the first paragraph. It would be great if @Facer_Official would change the 12-hour tags to only show the time and not the AM/PM. The sun always rises in the AM and sets in the PM except in the far north and south. In those areas most likely there isn’t going to be very many cellphone & smart watch users anyway.

I’ve even made a Test Watch Face for people to use to see if their watch will display each type of tag correctly.

Inspection is open for those who would like to look under the hood. (Bonnet for our UK friends)


Thanks for that MAG . Straight to the bits box with that one . I had a suite of watches on a theme and the most popular one is the one with AM / PM with the Sunrise Sunset . Come back UTC all is forgiven .

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Here’s a link to the post about the rest of my test watch faces.
FREE Test Faces To Use As Needed It has six faces testing different things.


Been a full month, not a word from these guys.

I just resent the email.

Let’s see if Facer is a professional company, or just greedy.

They’re most definitely being penny wise, and dollar foolish.

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I think You will have to Blast them another Mail with your Ticket Number Attached.
Sadly I feel a little Ashamed .
If it was something that could be sorted here on the Community it would have been before now.

Thank you.

I actually resent them the email from their automated reply with a ticket number.

If I don’t hear anything back, I’m simply going to initiate a charge back to my CC and get the money that way.

It’s an easy win too.

Let’s see if they want to refund my money the easy way, or the hard way, lol.

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LOL, technically it could be sorted by the community if the intransigent designer, being a part of the community, would just fix the issue rather than being lazy, and not wanting to fix what he/she absolutely can fix.

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You are Obviously a Person of Principle . Nothing but Respect for giving the chance .

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I fully take your Point . So now I am even more Embarrassed.

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It can take a while, I’ve opened this ticked in August 2020…

Ticket 54779 Not all sunset/sunrise tags work on my watch



Some sunrise/sunset tags work on my watch and some do not (also in the android app):

Tag Description Example Result
#DISDAYTIME# Returns true if time is after sunrise and before sunset True Works, but is true 10-30 minutes before sunrise, and false 10-30 minutes after sunset (also does not work properly in creator)
#WRh# Sunrise hour (1-12) 5 Does not work
#WRhZ# Sunrise hour (leading zero) (01-12) 05 Does not work
#WRH# Sunrise hour (0-23) 5 Does not work
#WRHZ# Sunrise hour (leading zero) (00-23) 05 Does not work
#WRm# Sunrise minute (0-59) 50 Does not work
#WRmZ# Sunrise minute (leading zero) (00-59) 06 Does not work
#WSh# Sunset hour (1-12) 8 Does not work
#WShZ# Sunset hour (leading zero) (01-12) 08 Does not work
#WSH# Sunset hour (0-23) 20 Does not work
#WSHZ# Sunset hour (leading zero) (00-23) 01 Does not work
#WSm# Sunset minute (0-59) 6 Does not work
#WSmZ# Sunset minute (leading zero) (00-59) 06 Does not work
#WSUNRISE# Time of sunrise 5:50 am Works
#WSUNSET# Time of sunset 8:06 pm Works
#WSUNRISE24# Time of sunrise (24) 5:50 Works
#WSUNSET24# Time of sunset (24) 20:06 Works
#WSUNRISEH# Hour of sunrise 5 Works
#WSUNRISEM# Minute of sunrise 50 Works
#WSUNSETH# Hour of sunset 8 Works
#WSUNSETM# Minute of sunset 06 Works
#WSUNRISEH24# Hour of sunrise (24) 5 Works
#WSUNSETH24# Hour of sunset (24) 20 Works

I have approved location settings, so that is not the issue.

Facer App Version

Facer Watch Companion App Version

Watch Model
Carlyle HR

Watch OS
Wear OS

@mrantisocialguy you can probably get rid of the leading zero with parentheses: (#WSUNRISEH#) will be converted to a number then, and numbers don’t have leading zeros


Thank you.

That’s completely unacceptable, and now confirms that they are a disreputable company.

Guess I’ll be removing the “pay for” faces that are “on hold” in my watch box since I’m never spending another penny here.

Good thing my favorite designer, and runner ups, lol, are free faces… though I’ve paid $70 so far to my favorite designer for custom work via PayPal.

I’m going to start my charge back now.

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I will definitely give this a try! Thanks for the suggestion.

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While I agree it would be preferable if all tickets would be handled, I wouldn’t go as far as calling Facer a disreputable company. I think it’s more of a small startup that was more successful than expected and is going through immense growth. They are hiring staff as we speak, developers and social media contacts, so I’m going to assume that it is all just a matter of priorities and things will be addressed in due time.


Fair enough, I’ll admit my comment was harsh, and maybe incorrect, (though they might be disreputable, we don’t know for sure, lol), I’m still going to do a charge back though.

And yes, I know, sometimes companies will ban accounts that do charge backs… which is why I’ve set up a second account, and saved all my favorite faces to its watch box as well.