I cant download the companion app from Galaxy apps

I have the facer app from Play Store. But I cannot download the companion app from Galaxy apps.
I get the message below:
This app no longer available for purchase or is not supported in this country or this device. (2290:9905:254dd603050)
I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and own a Galaxy watch.
Please help as there are many watch faces I would like to download and buy.Can anyone help me or provide me a workaround please?

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I came across this link, maybe it will help

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Thank you very much, but he still has no effect…

I remember reading on here somewhere that the Facer app was not allowed in some countries. The story I read the fellow was in China and had an issue and deleted his companion app and tried to redownload it and was blocked from doing so. I think he got around it by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to make it look like he was at home and was then able to do it. I would link to it, but I’ve slept since then and don’t remember how I found it.