[Idea] Font Selections and Uploaded Fonts Don't Persist

In Facer Creator, font selections aren’t visible (with a :heavy_check_mark:) when a designer revisits a finished watch element. Sometimes I come back to a design after some time, and find I have to rediscover which font I settled on in the past.

I’ve also noticed that my uploaded fonts aren’t associated with my account and available for all future drafts. Of course only fonts that are actually used should be packaged in with each published watch face, but can previously uploaded fonts be available each time a designer opens up a new draft?

Alternately, would you accept recommendations for additional fonts (that are free for commercial and personal use) to expand the default font list?

Yes, it’s really frustrating, not to have the option to could see the Font used, in an earlier design (or this you work on), marked in one or other way, in Font list.

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Agree, highlighting the font used for a particular text item would seem a logical addition to the app

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I use a lot of different fonts so I don’t mind things the way they are. Maybe an option to Save a font would be nice - if that is possible. After you use fonts for a while, you’ll recognize them.

@Linlay! So the logic in you’r answer, should be, that because it’s not a problem for you, it only need to be an Option! In most places where people have used different Fonts, they can always see which Font have been used, afterwards.

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(a) I like the idea of a checkmark that says what font is currently in use. Many times I’ll go back to an old design to create a new one or add a new element and I dont remember what font I used. Now I write it in Photoshop. I just make a layer for text with my notes and hide it. Font, size, I save colors in the notes and so on.

(b) The “storage” of TTFs for other designs is interesting, though I almost never use an uploaded font for other watches/series/collections. If I have to upload a font, it’s usually because I need that special look that isn’t available in the Creator fonts. I’ve never had a problem with this. I have a library of TTFs (with the sample sheet). Many of the fonts I’ve ever uploaded came from dafont.com so I just store the name and the sample sheet.

So I don’t necessarily care about storing my previously used TTF files in the Facer cloud, but I like the checkmark idea.



@jmorga106 - To you’r (a). Yes, it’s for that purpose, when “we” have to go back to an old design, where there has been used Font’s from Facer’s Font selection, or when “you” sit and work on more layers, where facers Font’s are in use, it could (should) be, possible to could see which Fonts are in use, when “you” select.
By design, on local Machine, it’s never a problem, as the program “you” use, always shows which Fonts are in use, by select it, as I mentioned in my previous post.

I must have misunderstood. Once I’ve published a face my profile does not save the fonts that I’ve uploaded in the past. Therefore, if I try to update the published face, I have to identify the font again. I thought that is what pacing poet meant. I am not familiar with the “most places” that @post is referring to, so I thought sharing my suggestion regarding an option in the Preferences would be helpful. Alternatively, a font organizer for uploaded fonts. ( I use Font Runner ) or perhaps keeping notes locally with each final draft may also help.

Please vote up if you support the feature request. @post @hayden