If Facer could launch/improve anything in 2017, what would it be?

Hi all!

As 2016 comes to an end, we’d like to turn to our beloved Facer community to ask you gals and guys what you’d like to see next on the platform. It’s critical for us integrate your feedback into our roadmap, and this is your chance to get your voice heard!

So, if Facer could launch/improve anything in 2017, what would it be?

Any feedback is welcome, ranging from fixes from the most annoying bugs you wish we could fix, to your wildest dreams of having your smartwatch make coffee for you in the morning.


My main 2 for right now…

1 = Get the seconds hand tags and actual rotation of each fixed for Huawei watch. No matter which one I choose on watch they all run the same and are broken. Ticking like a 1/3rd of what they should and never landing on an actual hour, minute or seconds indice.
2 = Make it so every Gear S3 user has the same experience. Not sure why the app doesn’t work the same for all of them, but since you only use the active side of a created face, I create day/night modes for them and some report the faces get stuck in one mode or the other while others report it works fine. Possibly it could be something with the weather provider or settings on watch, but just throwing it out there in case it isn’t.


I would like to see tap-able areas to alter elements of the watchface.

For example:
Tap an icon to cycle through backgrounds. To start’n’stop a chronograph. Cycle between date, weather, battery percentage, etc.


As a designer, the ability to “Reply” or “Like” a comment on one of your own designs would be great. I love getting feedback on my designs and would love it even more if I could easily reply to a specific comment rather than just adding another comment like I was just another user. Or even just to be able to simply “Like” a comment.


  • More variables - heart rate, phases of the mood, etc.
  • Open up theming to everyone
  • Casting - the equivalent of CStr() and CInt() in many languages so I can force functionality between math and concatenation in expressions
  • Speaking of expressions - fix those little bugs that have been reported where expressions evaluate differently on watchs and on the creator
  • Tap - Actions: Tap the temperature to see a forecast.

Absolutely agree with this one. Gear users are reporting a bug on one of my watch faces, but there is no way for me to interact with them.


My biggest issue is this. There needs to be a way for those of us who have a moto 360
to see what the face might look like on the watch rather then having to sync to watch to find out it doesn’t work. Also I’d like to see more moto 360 friendly Faces that are analog not just digital. I’d also like an option to where when you have dim mode turned off on the watch the watch face doesn’t use the dim part of it. Meaning give us the option within the app to turn off dim mode

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Column with new added watches

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Yeah that actually would be nice.

Agreed. Tap actions for multiple complications like chrono, theme switching, hands colors etc. and also the ability to have colored fonts on dim!



It would be nice to have a tag to check if the watch is connected to a phone, or not, or it is in airplane/cinema/theatre(or call it as you wish :wink:) mode.

1, much more elements like dials, tick marks perhaps also elements for the moon phase (like the first watch face on the Gear S3)
2. dials for 180°, 270°, with grid, without grid
3. perhaps smoother hands (sometimes the second hand stuck for a milisek on my gears S3)
4. a small pencil and zoom funktion in the creator to paint or delete things manually

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I would love vector/SVG support


Maybe an offline software for creating watchfaces.


As a new user, I really like a lot of what Facer has to offer. Not only are there many good faces from the community, the custom face designer is easily the most user-friendly and intuitive of any that I’ve seen. However, I’ve already run into some big obstacles with using it, namely:

  1. Lack of support for things like animations, so you have to hope there are ways to work around it
  2. Limited support for deep customizability on the watch, such as only being able to use 3 conditionals
  3. Limited documentation that is often not exactly correct
    There are also some other features which aren’t quite as critical but I’d still love to see added, such as:
  4. Tappable actions to do things on the watch (e.g. change displayed weather info, or start a timer)
  5. Tappable buttons to signal an action to the phone (e.g. open an app)
    Overall Facer has been a very user-comfortable experience, although I’ve run into some serious roadblocks already. If these features can be fixed then it will easily become a powerful tool in my eyes and my favorite watchface app.
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The creator is very powerful. Congrats for that.
I’ve found out, animation were quite often rotations of anything, a dial, a hand, a bar, a shape, around its own center or around another center. It gets tricky, when you decide to limit that rotation, start it from a certain angle, specially if the object doesn’t rotate around its own center. So I’d suggest a rotation wizard as such:

I’d suggest, the equation of the rotation should be displayed as the user customises ssettings in the wizard, as a teaching method.
It would also be nice to then be able to manipulate the rotation variable as a tag (in the transparency setting for instance).
I also would love to get a slicing option on shapes. It would allow an easier creation of rounded gauge.



Thanks for asking. I would like…

  1. Color/tint to be in the advanced settings so it can be based on formulae. In the face I made, I change the tint on something as the battery drains. I had to make a pile of those things and do formulae for transparency to show or hide them rather than having one element and the tint changes for various reasons.

  2. Bring “next appointment” details into tags.

I like the watch interaction ideas but am not sure they work based on what tapping the watch face naturally does. Plus they’re not easy for users to know/discover they can do.



The creator is excellent.

  1. I would love to see a way to select which watch (I have a Gear Live and an S2) you sync to directly from the creator.
  2. Please fix the utility that allows using Facer on my S2. It crashes constantly and takes a restart and several tries to change watch faces.

Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback.

I would like to add gif pictures when trying to make backgrounds in the Facer Creator

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"If Facer could launch/improve anything in 2017, what would it be? "

Well I would say a pdf: a idiots guide how to use facer. Which button is which and how to do basic code for watch hands movements. to dowanload
link facer threads in google so they are easier to find when researching for your watch face