[RESOLVED] How do you get the Reader badge?

I’m pretty sure I’ve read the If Facer could launch/improve anything in 2017, what would it be? #announcements topic in its entirety, but I can’t seem to trigger the Reader badge.

I first read it to see what issues/wishes other people were having so I wouldn’t double-post. But having done so, I figured I might as well get the badge, so I double- and triple-checked to make sure I didn’t miss any nested posts.

I’m still not sure why the badge didn’t trigger, and I’m not sure why getting this badge should be onerous either.

Is anyone else having this issue? :disappointed_relieved:

Solved, thanks! I suspect I was just manually given the badge.

I did the same and didn’t receive a badge :’(

@Facer_Official, I, too read that entire thread as well as Tizen 3.0 Update Support Megapost. I did not get the badge.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve got it now - basically you have to have seen every message count number. E.g if there are 200 messages in the thread, you need to hover over each one and see 1/200, 2/200, 3/200 etc. We likely accidentally missed one/ didn’t have one register. Hope that helps!

So, I just went back and did that. I watched the counter on the right count every one from 1-130/130. Sometimes it would skip, so I would go back and drag it to the one that skipped… Still nothing.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the badge, no? I was focused on the counter, not the replies.

Agreed and agreed. Worked for me, not sure what else you could do… maybe it’ll come up after a while.

That it did.
I just logged in this morning, and it was awarded an hour ago (7am EDT). So, either it takes longer than other badges OR, it is manually awarded by an admin upon “request.”

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Sweet, glad it’s sorted :slight_smile: