Im learning .. little by little

I gave it a try.I know its improvable and im working on it


Hey, that’s pretty cool, I love it, nice work @karinkaiser1967
The Font and colour schemes work really well, and I like how you’ve done the rolling text :clap:

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Awww thank you very much … Credits go to those whom answers Questions here …lol When you search u find a lot of answers … How cool is that lol lol

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Oh yes, and if the answers aren’t there, then a simple ask soon yields rewards :smiley:

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That is nice! You’re really thinking outside of the box on this one. My only thought is the scrolling text either needs to be brighter or bigger to be easily read.


Ah yes, I didn’t think of that sorry: yes, increase the size of the rolling text, I’m guessing somewhere between 18-22 would be ok. P.S. Would you mind turning Inspection On please? I’d like to “take a peek under the hood”

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Thanks Mrantisocialguy for the tip . Will brighten it a bit

will do one second

It is turned on

Much better!

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thank u

Inspection is still Off here sorry

I turned it on

Do you keep turning it back off afterwards because it’s off again now :thinking:
When you turn it on, please leave it on for a while as we’re in different Time Zones I’m guessing, so I’m not normally here when you are sorry.

I never turned it back on since last night

Could you turn it on just briefly now please?

it is on , it has been on Hun

Ok i just came home from work and checked its on … It has been on i never turned it back off

This is a screen capture taken at 1:53 pm New York time. (17:53 UTC) and it shows that inspection is not on.

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Yep, still off for me too :pleading_face: