Image sequencer

Hi all,
I’m having a play with the new GIF/image sequencer and I had a quick question - Is there a way to make the sequence ‘hang’ on the last image, rather than flicking back to the start? For example, say my sequence of images is:


At the moment (when loop is off), the sequence will go XYZ123, but then reset to X after the sequence is finished. Is there a way to make it finish on 3 and stay on 3? Hope that makes sense!

Do you never want it to restart…or restart after x amount of mins? You can set each frame for their own individual time

I never want it to restart unless a toggle function is clicked again. And I think you can only set the total sequence time?

I do know you can set the delay on each frame, so if you want it to play through once cant you just tell it not to loop?

Not looping results in the issue outlined above - it cycles back to the first frame…hmm…

You can use a “trick” possibly.

Make another layer with the last frame. At the end of the animation cycle, toggle the animation invisible and make the last layer is visible.

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I’m not home today but tonight when I get home I will try to explain further if you haven’t figured it out…

Exactly what I was to say… Just to complete, image sequences cant be opacity scripted, so you have to take it off screen scripting x or y position…

Ahh forgot about that. I’m still thinking about having to manually animate gifs :smiley:

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Just turn off loop and then add the last image as a static image (assuming you have the individual frames).

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Try that. It should work, unless I’m not understanding what you are trying to do.

It wont work. If its not a loop, at the end of the sequence shows back the first frame as a still, not the last. And if you put the desired frame as first the animation will be wrong because it will be last, first, second…
Unless you mean script the static image to appear after the sequence is over and place on top of the sequence… That actually may work… If the image covers the entire animation, if not you have to put offscreen the animation anyways… Ufffff!

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You could have the static image overlay the animation and just set the transparency with a $#DWE#>xxx?100:0$ equation. Just set xxx to the time you need the animation to stop.

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Ahh taking it off screen might be the way to go… I’ve tried overlaying and you’re right, it doesn’t work because the image sequence is still a solid layer and you can’t adjust its opacity. I’d also need to make sure the sequence is back in position for the next toggle though?

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Another good option! Except would that only work if the animation is on waking? I’m assuming I could change it to time since pressing toggle?

I tried that first, no dice unfortunately :smiley: @carlosfilippa highlighted why. And @cth4242 I’m still in the ‘making my own’ GIF mindset too haha it might actually make what I’m trying to do easier here.

I guess I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve. I’ve always used Animation Shop to create animations. Are you trying to change a pre-made animation?

@roycaruso Let me get this right. lets say you have 20 frames to put into your gif
goes from 1 - 20 you want it to start at 1 and end and STAY on frame 20 ? if so im pretty sure i can help you , i just tested it

Nope, I’ve created each frame myself from scratch. Each frame is in the sequencer/GIF generator in the creator, but rather than stopping on the last frame it flicks back to the first and stops there instead. I think one of the suggestions above will do the trick but I’ll keep everyone posted :+1:

That’s correct :slight_smile: It’s going to get far more complicated (hold onto your hats folks haha) but that’s step 1