Introducing Facer 5.0 and Facer Premium

Hi all!

We couldn’t be more excited to be releasing Facer 5.0 today, a major update to the largest watch face platform in the world which now counts over 3 million smartwatch users, 70k watch faces, and 20k watch face designers.

Facer 5.0 introduces a number of new improvements to the platform:

  • Facer Premium: the first watch face subscription for smartwatch users enabling seamless access to Facer’s massive database of premium watch faces on all their devices.
  • New Watchmaker Series Partners: we’re excited to be adding 3 new brands to our Watchmaker Series collection, reserved exclusively to partners in the traditional watch industry: Mr Jones Watches, AVI-8, and Daniel Will-Harris.
  • Facer Feed: Facer now automatically curates faces every day based on your favorite designers, brands, and styles. Picking your watch face for the day has never been easier!
  • Full iPhone support: smartwatch users using an iPhone can finally access the full Facer platform and all its features with the latest to our iOS app — at last!
  • Support for new smartwatches: Facer now supports over 50 different smartwatches models, including the latest Fossil Sport, Montblanc Summit 2, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and more.

For all the details about this release, head over to!


Sincelast week,Version5,suddenlyFaceruses aninsaneamount ofmobile data (7 GB since dec1st). Are wedealing with a bug??

@Wthkid10 that seems odd! Can you send us an email at so we can investigate this with you. There hasn’t been any changes on the app that would explain this.

Please, no more subscriptions. I know the idea is to make money, but everyone wants a subscription these days. It’s too much.


I agree with you


Anche io sono d’accordo, speriamo che ci siano più gratis altrimenti con il problema di lavoro finiremo ad avere sempre le stesse cose e non potremmo più condividere la gioia con chi le fa. Grazie

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Facer premium for the same price as Netflix pm? Yeh, I don’t think so.
You’d have to be riiiiight into your watch faces.


Great, but how about including an update where you can continue browsing when you click ba K to the previous page to continue on and not having it go right back tot the top of the page every time…


Great platform! I really like it. However, I have (Samsung Galaxy Watch) following issue (that is not present on watch faces from Samsung App Store):

Once I wake up my watch: gesture or button or bezel, there is visible delay to update time/date. Sometimes, not often, like once a week there is loooong freez.

But wake up delay is something I don’t like. It lasts sometimes up to 1s.

I have no idea how the API is written, but I sincerly belive not like that:

  1. wait for wake up
  2. turn on display
  3. update displayed variables

I belive it is like 1>3>2, but…


Smae issue here on a Sammy Gear S3 Frontier and now the battery life is poor

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To make sure I understand how this all works, you PAY to use all the good stuff but can’t SELL your work. Then hope that you get an invite to sell your work? Is this right?!

Maybe there should be a definitive way to progress to sales. (maybe I just don’t know how it all works, but it seems you have to be invited?)

I run my own business and don’t have the time to dedicate myself to making (or paying to make) free watch faces full time. However, if there were a definitive way to progress to selling faces, I could make the time.

Might this structure be hindering designers like myself? It sucks, I love making faces, but I have to focus on getting paying work.

BTW, the Facer system is pretty great, the creator is great, the community is great. It’s been rare that I bang into something that Facer doesn’t offer or that someone in the community hasn’t already figured out. So any help or clarification would be great, thanks everyone!


Especially when you can use watchmaker and pujie black for waaaaaay cheaper.

You are mostly right @Rator. Selling your designs is limited to what is now called being a Partner. These tools were not available before unless you were premium or what is now a Partner. You dont need to pay and use those tools in order to be able to be invited to become a partner though. Just making designs and having fun with it is what it is all about. I get where you are coming from though about giving your designs away for free but if you see it as more of a passion and or hobby, it’s a bit different. I don’t believe anyone here does this full time and just for the money. I just split my time between my full time job, school, hobbies and designing watch faces. I do it because I enjoy it and the community is great. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you don’t want to have to pay for the extra tools it’s okay. You can make quite a bit even without them. Hopefully this helps a bit.

Oh I see, ok cool thank you for the clarification. So, is it just random? What’s the benchmark for selling your designs?

You’re welcome! So if you are a partner and use those additional features, you sell your designs. Otherwise if you are not a partner, you can’t sell the design regardless.

If your goal is to become a partner and sell your designs on Facer, then I guess you have to look at paying for the Pro tools as making an investment, like buying a piece of software for your job, for when you do eventually get to be a partner.

However, I completely understand where @Rator is coming from, if you do make that investment, you should then be given a clear idea of what you need to do to achieve Partner status. That way you can judge whether its worth continuing to pay for or not.


You may have seen this, but there’s some fairly clear guidelines on what you need to achieve to be considered for a Premium Designer here: How to become a Premium Designer and sell your watch face designs on Facer

Thanks for sharing @Tim-P , I hadn’t seen that yet.

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Well … besides this Guidelines the facer staff is generally interested in talented watch face designer. I already know a few ones that were invited without the sync Goals…

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